Zdravo everyone!
Does the best summer ever sound appealing to you? Come to the International Student Week in Belgrade (ISWiB) and spend 8 days with students all across the globe in the city that never sleeps. Not just that you will explore Belgrade and Serbian culture, but you will attend useful workshops that deal with burning issues of today's society using different methods such as: musical, video, photo..
Have fun and learn at the same time!
Enter the amazing world of ISWiB!


International Student Week in Belgrade has officially started!

Today, at the City Assembly, the official Opening Ceremony of the 11th International Student Week in Belgrade was held. More than 300 young people gathered again in our city to spend 8 days together filled with friendship, multiculturalism and entertainment.

The guests were first addressed by the representative of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Mrs. Zorica Labudović, who pointed out that the International Student Week in Belgrade has a longer tradition than the Ministry of Youth and Sports itself. "This is a great opportunity for young people to connect, share ideas, meet this beautiful city, make new friends, and even fall in love".

Mila Lukić, a member of the Board of the National Youth Council of Serbia, and also a member of our organizational team, said that the World Youth Wave has been involved in the work of the National Youth Council. From the very beginning it’s been one of the most contributing member organization. She emphasized that International Student Week in Belgrade is one of the biggest youth events in Southeast Europe today.

On behalf of the organizing team of the festival, guests were greeted by President Milica Manic. She pointed out that the goals of the festival have changed over the past years as ISWiB itself grew, because new members came in and brought new energy. Milica thanked team members, promoters and all volunteers who contributed to the festival progressing every year. She also thanked the participants who recognize the value of the festival from year to year and return to Belgrade again.