Dacia Serbia is the new official sponsor of ISWiB 2017!

ISWiB family is growing each year and more and more young people gather in Belgrade to spend a summer of their lifetime, filled with knowledge, various cultural experiences and fun. In order for the organization of our festival to be successful, it is important for us to have adequate support from partners and organizations that recognize the significance of ISWiB. This year, the value that ISWiB brings to the city of Belgrade and young people was recognized by Dacia company as well, which will be the official sponsor of the 2017 project. The company will allow the organization board to use a car of the Dacia brand, which will make many logistics tasks much easier during the festival, as well as ensure that all the tasks are completed on time. Since the festival events happen on a few locations in the city, team members will also coordinate their activities more efficiently. Dacia brand's vehicles are characterized by accessibility, comfort, and practicality, which enabled it to make a name for itself on the international market. Dacia Serbia is a part of the Renault Nissan Serbia Group, and you can find more information about the company on their official website, Facebook and Instagram pages.