Invitation for youth members of vulnerable groups: Overcome your own difficulties, become part of the ISWiB family!

International Student Week in Belgrade aims at gathering as many students from all over the world as possible. We want to provide an equal opportunity for everyone and overcome prejudices that exist in our society. Last year we made the first step towards inclusiveness by signing a protocol on cooperation with the Association of Students with Disabilities from Belgrade. We had the opportunity to spend some time with their members at the Volunteer Fair, which was traditionally organized by the World Youth Wave. Since then, we are even more certain that people are defined by their views and personality, not their difficulties.

We are therefore inviting all young people belonging to vulnerable groups from all over the world to grab this unique opportunity and become a part of ISWiB family. We believe that we can't achieve the same results alone, as we would together. Help us go beyond good, all the way to some fantastic results! Do not forget that only we set our own boundaries!