Top 5 reasons to apply for ISWiB

Written By: Marija Davcheva
Our participant from Macedonia and senior promoter, based on her experience, selected 5 top reasons why everybody should apply for this year's ISWiB!

1. International friendships

You will get to meet students just like you! Not only the amazing organizers and volunteers from Serbia, but also participants from more than 50 countries worldwide. They will become your friends for a lifetime.

2. Intercultural exchange

You don't have to travel all around the globe to get a taste of various traditional meals, learn more about different customs and languages- you can simply apply for ISWiB!

3. Get out of your comfort zone

By experiencing ISWiB you will sure engage in activities that will broaden your horizons and contribute to your personal development.

4. Non-formal education and Teamwork

Being part of an amazing group of people and tackling various issues during the workshop sessions!

5. Feel the Balkan spirit

Experience Serbian culture and unique Balkan spirit by joining all the legendary parties and activities guided by the ISWiB organizers and volunteers.