Abdullah Idrees


Abdullah Idrees is a renowned orator, an ex-AIESEC-er and a design software geek, he calls himself an ‘Industrial Futurist’. As an engineering undergrad, people look at him as a social animal who loves traveling and meeting new people. From taking part in Formula Student UK to representing his country at ISWiB 2016, he has been a part of both the amazing events and he looks forward to promoting the latter as much as he can!
P.S. He has a strong affinity to Sherlock/F.R.I.E.N.D.S and is a die-hard potterhead :D

Aleksei Mirkov


Aleksei is 22 years old. He studies Contemporary East Asian Sciences in Duisburg, Germany but originally he is from Russia. He also works as a scientific assistant for his university on the faculty of Sociology. He speaks English, German a little bit Chinese, Italian and studies Swedish. His hobbies are pretty average - He enjoys good food, films, travelling and cooking. He has participated in ISWiB twice and both times it was just fantastic. He thinks he can share his experience with new potential participants. He is also very pleased to cooperate with us.

Andria Panayiotou


Andria Panayiotou is 22 years old and she comes from Cyprus.
In July 2016 she finished her Bachelor studies in Modern Languages and European Studies. Now she is in Germany where she studies the language and in March she will start her Master in Conference Interpretation. She also speaks 8 languages such as: Greek(mother language), Bulgarian (mother language), English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Turkish.

Marija Davcheva


Marija Davcheva is a psychology student. She is passionate about travelling. She is also a true Harry Potter and chocolate lover, would never resist a HP marathon over a cup of hot chocolate. She has visited more than 15 countries but she is absolutely in love with the Balkans and its irresistible charm, so she thinks that everyone should visit it. She was a two-times ISWiB participant, once a promoter. She has experienced the real ISWiB magic and would gladly recommend it to any student around the world!

Mohammad Hajj Shehadeh


Moh comes from Beirut, Lebanon. He studied Finance at the American University of Beirut, and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Resource Management at the Technical University of Munich. In love with ISWiB since 2015. An excellent communicator and great team player. Always motivated and does not hesitate to take the initiative. His passion lies in seizing each and every opportunity to enjoy life. Likes traveling and cherish interacting; always spreading positive vibes within his surroundings. His objective in life is "Excellence in All Areas", and his motto is "Seize the Day".

Nabira Sarbassova


Nabira is a master degree student from Moscow.
She visited Serbia as a participant of ISWiB 2015 and ISWiB 2016 in the summer of 2015 and 2016. In 2015 she was accepted into the ranks of ISWiB promoters 2016 and now she is a Senior Promoter in ISWiB2017. All together we did a very different and interesting job in this project! Nabira found cool friends and colleagues in ISWiB from all over the globe! Work among ambitious and smart guys brings her pleasure! The difference with our festival is that the participants and the organizers can actively communicate and make friends!
She had a lot of positive and incredible emotions in Belgrade and she likes the workshops of ISWiB and thinks they are exciting and interesting. Professional teachers and group guides are nice people. And our dormitory is a place she loves coming back to!
She is happy to broaden her mind through collaboration and teamwork in international and interdisciplinary environment.

Polina Batueva


Polina Batueva is a Russian student of Media and Culture Science and German Philology at University of Cologne in Germany. She participated in ISWiB in 2014. Currently she is a volunteer in AFS Intercultural Programs in Germany and a member of ESN Cologne. She is interested in hip-hop dancing, playing piano, travelling and learning new cultures and languages. Polina speaks Russian, English, German and Udmurt languages. Her favorite quote: "A life without playing is a life without books, movies, art, music, jokes or stories!"

Antony Nagy


A passionate traveller and a good dancer who loves to talk. Always energetic.

Bogdan Fluff Lupean


Fluff’s the name, lovely isn’t it? He is currently studying the art of torturing people, to make them healthier and prettier. You guessed it right, he’s a dentist. But in his free time, he’s a festival addict. Doesn’t matter what kind of festival it is, as long as he meets future friends from any part of the world. He adores the idea of cultural exchange and he’s searching for it throughout festivals. He is a patient person and eager to learn something new every day, if possible. He cherishes the feelings, ideas, impressions of the person with whom he is having a conversation about several things he or she adores. The carving of a huge smile, gleaming eyes and sometimes the struggle of translating it from native language into English, develops a comforting emotion inside his head. An emotion that makes him feel welcomed inside that person’s “home”.

Vera Kozlova


Vera Kozlova is currently attending a Master's Studies program in Business Analysis at Minsk State Linguistic University. She participated in ISWiB 2015 and was a promoter for ISWiB 2016. She loves chocolate more than anything in this world. Her favorite proverb is "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade".

Denisa Kola


Denisa is 22 years old. She was born in Albania but moved to Italy at the age of five. She is almost done with her BA studies in Languages Mediation and she is a future student of Media and Communication. She is a cultural events organizer in a little town called Genola and in her free time she is a, as she said, failed, blogger.
She is a curious and dynamic person, always looking for international events to improve her languages skills and to learn more about other people's lives and realities. She joined ISWiB in 2016 and totally fell in love with it, so she couldn't help but join the promoters' team and spread the positive vibes that this festival gave off to her!

Dunja Brankov


Dunja is 22 years old, from Serbia and at this moment she is a volunteer at Asociación Jóvenes Solidarios, an organization in Spain.
Before coming to Spain she finished her BA University studies, at the Faculty of Philology, Spanish language and Hispanic culture and literature, but she still has to do her Master’s and she was thinking finishing it in Spain.
She’s been doing volunteer work for whole of her life and it's just really important part of her life.
Dunja likes music, dancing, singing, reading, animals, yoga (she discovered it thanks to ISWiB), photography, volunteering etc.She’s interested in informal and non-formal education, working with kids, adolescents and students, but also with elderly people and people with disabilities.
She would like to work as a teacher and spread the knowledge that she has.

Hendrik Blum


Hendrik is 23 years old. He lives in Germany, close to Frankfurt, and studies mathematics there. Apart from that, he fell in love with theatre and singing. He attended ISWiB in 2016 directly after his Erasmus in Iceland. Those experiences made him want to see the world more than ever before.

Kholdorov Umidjon


Kholdorov Umidjon is a graduate of Westminster University and the person who is eager for new experiences. He appreciates all kinds of help and knowledge. A 24-year-old young activist, he has been involved in many youth organizations including several summer schools worldwide. He thinks that our long-term strategy for the future should be based on building a bright future for ourselves and as well as next generations.
Motto: Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars and to change the world (Harriet Tubman).

Konstantina Bandutova


Konstantina Bandutova is 24 years old and she comes from Bulgaria. She has an MA in International Relations, which is also the area she’s most interested in.
She has been an ISWiB participant for 4 years already, and every single time she’s even more astonished by the team's organization.
She absolutely loves Belgrade and Serbian people, which is why she believes that an ISWiB experience is a must for every young individual out there!

Maysam Hassani


Maysam Hassani is a 23 years old from Iran. He is a student of Business and Management in University of Kurdistan-Hewler. He has been in multinational environment and studying abroad for last four years. During this period, he has participated in some international festivals, conferences, and programs which help him out to be familiar with other cultures, trends, and traditions more than before. Studying at international universities for his Master and then PhD degree would be his next station of academia.

Nourddine Binij


He has always looked at life as an exam; be it in academics, professional life, sports or any other field of his life. He believes that success comes through hard work and dedication. He enjoys life to the fullest and he likes to be as humorous as possible. He might look quiet and calm but the real iceberg of his personality comes up when he switches to the fun mode :)

Svetlana Baran


Sveta is from Kazakhstan. She is currently pursuing her MLitt in Crossways in Cultural Narratives - an Erasmus Mundus Programme that allows her to study in Scotland, Italy and Spain. She is passionate about travelling, learning new languages and meeting new people. Always ready for an adventure, extremely talkative and addicted to chocolate.

Stasa Zabukosek


Staša is one of the most unique and interesting people you could meet. She can be described as an energetic travel enthusiast, her goal is to run out of pages in her passport. Her admirable quality is her ability to talk for hours with the person she has just met. She always lifts up our mood and gives us the energy and she is always the one who comes up with the crazy ideas. Take her snowboarding and you will make her day just as she makes ours everyday.

Spirit lifter
Travel enthusiast