We Have A Voice

Method: discussion, public speaking

Problem: Young people, as leaders in change and innovation, are a priceless source of ideas and motivation for starting social changes and raising awareness on the aspects of society which need them. However, to present ideas as well and as clearly as possible, one needs certain skills, because the reaction to given information depends greatly on the way in which said information is beeing presented.

Goal: Through discussion, participants will become aware of the importance of youth activism in any society, through history to the present moment. Additionally, they will have a chance of gaining public speaking skills through practical work, which will give thim an all important element needed for expressing your views before the eyes of the world. By combining methods of discussion and public speaking, after the workshop the participants will be able to present their ideas about society in a clear and impactful way.

End result: After the workshop, the participants should gain broader awarenes on how important their engagement is in the development and progress of society, as well as ways in which they can make their activism visible and efficient.

We Love Serbia

Method: Arts and Crafts

Problem: Modern advancements in technology have brought forth a great number of solutions to many of our problems. However, they have also phased out some of the older ones. Today we find ourselves in a world where many of the crafts that have existed in our culture for centuries are slowly being forgotten or merely replaced by their more modern alternatives which lack the same liveliness present in the originals.

Goal: Through learning how to craft many of these near-forgotten artifacts, the participants will get a chance to explore many aspects of Serbian culture and find out which unique elements distinguish it from those of our neighboring countries. With the guidance of our expert moderator, they will help us in preserving and important part of our history for the future generations.

End result: Upon completing this workshop, the participants will have gained the knowledge on how to create many traditional items that have been present in our culture for centuries and the context within which they came to be and how they have impacted Serbian national history.

Where​ ​are​ ​you?

Method: acting, musical

Problem: Human trafficking is an issue which isn’t talked about often enough, and as a cosequence of that, people aren’t familiar with mechanism which can be used to fight it. Proportions in which it happenes and the impacts it has is something often marginalised in people’s minds, so that they believe it can never happen to them, therfore they shouldn’t be too concerend abot it.

Goal: Using the method of this workshop, participants are supposed to view and approach this problem in a creative way. The goal is to put themselves in a different perspective from their usual point of view on human trafficking and to come to a more complex and deeper understanding which isn’t characterized by stigma which follows it and its victims.

End result: Participants should present this serious problem through the use of acting and singing and through that artistic interpretation bring closer the nuances of the issue and raise awareness, so that in the future they can initiate further exploration which would bring a stop to any dilemma about what human trafficking is, how severe is it and when and it which way we ought to react.

We Write The Future

Method: creative writing

Problem: The world in which we live is ever changing and advancements in technology are making our everyday life look more and more similar to what used to be envisioned in science fiction books and films. In which ways will we develop as a species? Is it even possible to predict something like that? How will societal changes reflect on the lives of people and their various experiences?

Goal: By applying the skill of creative writing, the participants will have a chance to express their vision of the future and mold their ideas, while also gaining useful new skills on how to materialize things that they have imagines into reality.

End result: Aside from gaining formal knowledge on different writing techniques, our participants will also be encouraged to think of all the different consequences that our technological progress has had on our day to day lives and the ways in which we perceive this world.

Strech Your Mind

Method: yoga practice

Problem: Exposure to stress combined with the unnatural positions we put ourselves in during daily activities leaves a big trace on the body which expresses itself in lack of flexibility, tension, and even pain in certain body parts. A healthy, functioning body, together with a healthy, functional mind, is the basis of a quality life in our youth years, but also later on, when we’re older. For this reason, it is important to become aware of the body, the problems we might already have, or the ones we can prevent from happening, as early as possible, and work diligently on maintaining an optimal level of health.

Goal: During the workshop, the participants will have a closer look at asanas, yogic postures, and gain knowlegde on how to sequence them in a correct order, so that they can target the individual problems they face. Additionally, they will be introduced to the basics of restorative yoga, which has a therapeutic effect on the mind and the body, and is a great tool for achieving mental and physical health.

End result: After the workshop, the participants should learn how to enrich their daily life with yoga practice in a correct and safe way, and how to adjust the pracctice to their own individual mind and body needs.

Respect My Rights

Method: Investigative journalism, IT

Problem: Over the past few years we have been able to witness a more widespread use of social media. They allow people to connect in previously unimaginable ways. However, at the same they time they have opened a window for abuse in term of dissemination of messages aimed at belittling and insulting certain individuals and social groups as a whole. Often times individuals find themselves in a situations of receiving direct threats addressed at themselves and those close to them.

Goal: The main objective of this workshop is to examine ways in which these harmful messages get spread, where they come from and what individuals can do to protect themselves on social media. Through investigative journalism, we wish to present a clearer picture of how these types of harassment affect certain key groups which have not yet developed the mechanisms through which they can deal with these situations, as is the case with teenagers.

End result: All participants of this workshop will have the opportunity to learn more about the ways in which they can increase their level of security on the internet. They will also come to know whom to turn to when these messages transform from mere words into something criminal.

Breathe Me In

Method: landscape architecture

Problem: Life in the city requires careful balancing between construction of modern objects and maintaining nature by taking care of the green areas and clean air, so that the quality of life in urban areas could be satisfactory. However, with the industry progress and building more and more objects, we have created a disbalance between green and concrete surfaces, which affects plant and animal life, as well as people’s health, in a negative way.

Goal: During the workshop, the participants will work on making a certain par of the city ‘greener’, more arranged and beautified, by rearranging the given area with different plants in a creative and interesting way, which will contribute to how the place looks, but will also help, at least somewhat, to reestablish the balance between nature and urban elements.

End result: After the workshops, participants will, appart from learning skills on arranging green areas, gain awareness on the importance of maintaining nature as part of any urban environment, which they should then be able to take to their own communities.

Own Your Gender

Method: Film, discussion, investigative journalism

Problem: While it is apparent that the last century has greatly improved the status of women, both in our society and in the West in general, it is obvious that there is much work to be done before the power dynamics between both genders can truly be considered equal. From messages that children of both sexes face while growing up to actual examples of discrimination in the work place, many things need to see change before we can truly talk about gender equality.

Goal: Through discussion, research and the creation of a mini documentary movie on this topic, the participants will be able to delve deeper into the everyday life with which many women are faced and discover all of the ways in which inequalities between the sexes manifest themselves and hinder their life choices, from simpler things like differences across various career fields to the most important question of all, parenting.

Expected result: After this workshop, the participants will improve their knowledge on the obstacles that women face in their daily lives and how some of these may be diminished.

Environment Is Us

Method: Bio hacking

Problem: Modern age, technological advances and industrialisation have all led to the growing impact man has on the nature surrounding him.The effects are more and more visible as each year goes by, so much so that humans of 20th and 21st century have made more changes on the environment than all those before them in the recorded history of human kind.

Goal: During the workshop, the participants will inspect the interatcion between people and nature and environment, by measuring the quality of air and water, alongside with some other elements, using measuring sensors made by participants and moderators. The measuring will help in determining the impact humans have on the environment. This will let the participants study and understand this phenomenon by approaching the subject in a creative and interactive way.

End result: After the workshop, the participants will gain a practical perspective on something which is mostly talked about through theory, the enormous impact urban environments and industrial objects have on nature, which will help raise awareness on this important subject, and let them spread this knowledge to their communities.

You see Me

Method: discussion, photo, interview

Problem: Prejudice which we may have about others, which arise based on their looks, often come about without our conscious decision making, but rather as a consequence of internalized social norms of our surroundings. That means that we may be prone to connect some character traits with physical appearances, even though there is no positive correlation, which manifests in such a way that when we first interact with someone, we don’t necessarily view them as an autonomous individual, but rather ascribe them a set of traits or identity markers which we prefixed and then act according to those.

Goal: The goal of this workshop is to explain which role physical representation had in different time periods until today through describing „fashion“ in different societies and to encourage further examination and exploration of alternative physical appearances as crucial parts of one’s identity.

End result: Through better understanding of different functions of clothing and realizing the meanings of markers which people choose to wear, it is expected from participants to apply that knowledge in everyday life and communities which they come from, spreading tolerance and openness for individual differences.