Method: Musical

Problem: Growing up isn’t easy for anyone. The changes we go through, each in our own way, change and form us on a deep, essential level, and leave a permanent mark on our lives. This is the reason why any type of trauma suffered during this period has exceptional impact on an individual. The subject of bullying is becoming more and more prominent, but it seems that there can never be too many examples brought to light, and that the level of consciousness on this subject is still low, and is often taken lightly and understood superficially.

Goal: The goal of this workshop is to present, using the method of musical, the impact that bullying has on the physical and emotional world of its victims. The theatrical-musical performance is a powerful way of seeing the problem from a much more personal and emotional perspective, which can never be fully expressed and presented by mere numbers and statistics.

Expected result: After the workshop, the participants will obtain a deeper perspective on the emotional world of those individuals, who go through the experience of bullying, and in this way gain greater understanding of and empathy towards them. They will hopefully take their impressions and ideas further into the outside world in order to raise awareness on the subject.