Method: Social entrepreneurship

Problem: Through social entrepreneurship we can improve the state of economy, education, health and ecology in our community. Social entrepreneurship is a business with a clear social mission. Earned profit isn’t used to promote the wealth of an individual- it is invested in social causes such as hiring people who have difficulties finding a job, social or medical services, environmental protection or cultural activities in the community.

Goal: Through discussion and collective work, the participants will discover the potential of their future contribution. They will be presented with different forms of social entrepreneurship and their distinctive characteristics. They will learn about the central topics of sustainable business models, sustainable development, strategies, visibleness, ass well as starting up and registering a social entrepreneurship.

Expected results: The participants will master the central concepts which can be used in a wide spectar of organisations that vary in size, structure, goals and beliefs. Critical and creative thinking will be promoted during the entire workshop. Acquired skills and information will lead to participants being competent and independent in defining and carrying out their ideas through sustainable business models.