Method: Yoga

Problem: In the age of unlimited information sources, we are flooded with content and stimuli to the point where our ability to focus and maintain attention has, paradoxically, become very limited. Apart from that, our constant preoccupation with external stimulation makes us unable to feel calm, stable and safe within ourselves, taking us further away from our own internal world, which is the foundation of existence for each individual.

Goal: The goal of this workshop is to turn inward, and focus on our own deep psychological, emotional and physical needs, with the help of the ancient techniques of Yoga. Asanas (yogic postures) are there to aid the body, pranayamas (breathing techniques) are there to calm and focus the mind, and introspection methods help us to come in contact with our previously suppressed experiences and emotions. All this leads to a state of broader awareness, presence and harmony with ourselves.

Expected result: After the workshop, the participants will gain practical tools which will serve them in their aim at finding balance between the colorful, hectic external and their own sensitive, internal world.

Participants: Participants are required to bring their own yoga mats.