Method: Biotechna, bio-hacking

Problem: The subject of environment preservation is a must whenever there’s a talk about the major problems we’re facing as a modern society. Technological advancements facilitated the advancement of civilization and made our planet, which we used to see as infinitely vast, a lot smaller and more accessible for all its habitants. However, higher mobility of people and the ability to transport from one part of the world to another have also resulted in deep distortions of the sensitive ecosystems all around the planet. Climate change, species extinctions, uneven distribution of resources and famine and great poverty in certain parts of the world as a result of it, are just some of the numerous consequences that the technological advancements are causing to the world.

Goal: Despite all previously said, of course technology has many good sides to it. In this workshop we will try and use technological innovations to try and preserve nature and environment. Using the basic principles of robotics, the participants, lead by their moderator, will produce a robotic hand capable of watering the soil on its own, in order for us to show on a micro level what is possible to achieve on a grander scale with little resources and a lot of imagination and innovation.

Expected result: After this workshop, the participants will have acquired the basic knowledge in robotics, and ways in which it can be implemented into the field of environment preservation. Additionally, they will gain a broader consciousness of the impact that technology has on nature, and in what way can technological innovations be turned around to serve the environments we live in.