Method: Photo

Problem: Human knowledge and tools are continuously accumulating, developing faster and faster. Technological innovations have changed our way of life. We have analyzed the structure of the human eye and managed to create a camera- a tool so powerful that it can record reality, a tool that spreads beyond time and space. A tool that we can use to record the cultural evolution that we are witnessing. The ways and means of vocations have dramatically changed in only a few decades.

Goal: While discovering Belgrade and visiting different parts of the city, the participants will try to catch traces of the past and connect them to today's society. Traditional craftsman workshops versus modern industries of mass production. Small family businesses handed down from generation to generation, versus the shopping mall era. The participants will explore the transformation of the ways and means of traditional jobs.

Expected result: While discovering the variety of Belgrade, old workshops as well as contemporary alternatives, the participants will make their own summary of a small part of history. They will improve their technical skills and develop a new eye for photography, as well as discover a different context of Belgrade.

Participants: Participants are required to bring their own camera