about us


The International Student Week in Belgrade is a student festival which has traditionally been held every year since 2006 in the city of Belgrade, Serbia. The Festival is open for students from all over the world.

Every year, ISWiB gathers over 200 young people, including participants, moderators and volunteers. The idea of the festival is to bind young people through work in several different workshops created so that every workshop covers a significant field of the society we live in. Through workshops, close communication and cooperation, interactive lectures and various open activities, students will be able to gain new knowledge and exchange ideas. They will also have an opportunity to establish professional contacts with eminent professors and professionals from different sectors and develop and create new projects by themselves.



“During ISWiB I met some really inspiring people and was rewarded with a new family. The bonds you create during ISWiB are so strong that the memories and the people stay with you long after summer ends.” ​

Amalia Dimou

ISWiB 2020 Promoter


“ISWIB is a life changing experience that everyone must have, and always remember once an ISWIBer always an ISWIBer!“

Amir Boukhalfa

ISWiB 2020 Ambassador

“ISWiB is an unforgettable experience that allows you to engage in meaningful discussions, share your ideas and talk about subjects that you are most passionate about so that we can build a better tomorrow together!”

Ameer Abdul Khalek

ISWiB 2020 Promoter