International Student Week in Belgrade

02 - 10 August 2024

Late applications for participants are open!

Creativity and initative

This year, the festival will be all about fostering a dynamic environment where individuals are encouraged to unleash their creativity and take proactive steps towards innovative solutions. It celebrates the synergy between original thinking and the proactive spirit, aiming to inspire participants to explore new ideas, collaborate on inventive projects, and showcase the transformative power that emerges when creativity is coupled with initiative. It’s an opportunity for participants to not only appreciate creativity but also actively contribute to positive change through their innovative endeavors.

Don’t just witness, be a catalyst for change at #iswib2024 – where every idea is a step towards a brighter future.


~ No previous experience is needed to partake in the workshops

~ All participants will attend only one of the worshops

Start-up bootcamp

Unleash your business potential

Graphic design

Digitalize your Mona Lisa

Marketing magic

Here & now


Broadway aesthetics

Dance factory

... on the dance floor

Creativity lab

Generation divergent

Fashion fusion

Wear your statement

Sound wizardry

Ride the waves of sound


~ The official and precise ISWiB 2024 schedule will be given to participants subsequently.

ISWiB 2022 Opening

Opening ceremony

ISWiB 2022 Country Fair

Country fair

ISWiB 2022 Social Events

Social activities

ISWiB 2022 Serbian day

Serbian day

ISWiB 2022 Chill Ada Day

Field trip

Art night

ISWiB 2022 Flag Parade

Flag parade

ISWiB 2022 Closing

Closing ceremony


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ISWiB participants are young people who are communicative, motivated to make a change, want to share their opinion and ideas for a better world, and are willing to spend eight amazing days in our capital city, with other young people from all over the globe, sharing a variety of experiences. If you see yourself between those lines, apply and join us in Belgrade this summer!


Every year festival brings together about 70 volunteers, who are motivated, young people, actively involved in the festival and help to make it happen. Through this project, they gain a lot of knowledge and experience, as well as the chance to get to meet different people from all around the world and share their opinions and views about different current subjects.

Applications are closed


ISWiB promoters are communicative and friendly, responsible young people who are passionate about ISWiB, and want to help to spread our spirit and voice in their own countries. Their role is to promote World Youth Wave as an organization and ISWiB as project on a daily basis on different and creative ways they come up with, and they are doing it in the best possible manner.

Applications are closed