The International Student Week in Belgrade is a festival which gathers and connects not just the participants who are involved in workshops, but also many people who are interested to associate with the participants, moderators, volunteers and willing to be a part of this experience. One segment of ISWiB educational and entertaining program will be activities and events which are open for public. This type of activities has the goal to attract citizens of Belgrade and give them an opportunity to meet our participants, their cultures and be a part of this very interesting intercultural surrounding.

Also, participants have the opportunity to meet Serbia from the aspect of its people, bond with them and share their experiences. They will have the chance to meet tourist potential of Belgrade and Serbia, which will also be presented to the participants. A large number of young people usually came back to Serbia after the festival is over, they recommended tourist potentials of Serbia in their countries, and often they bring along their friends to visit Serbia.


The Opening ceremony is traditionally held in Belgrade City Hall and represents an official welcome message to the participants. During the opening, the president of the Organizing Committee of the festival, the representatives of the City of Belgrade, ministries and other institutions that have supported the festival and the project partners will address the participants, guests and the media.


Within the Country Fair each participant has the opportunity to represent his country through food, drink, costumes, culture, dance, promotional materials, or in any other way participant considers appropriate. Each country will have a booth with clearly distinguished name and flag on it, including Serbia. This is the right way for participants to get to know each other by tasting food and drinks from different parts of the world.


Art night is an event dedicated to different forms of art. Our participants have the chance to enjoy some music performances, short movies, theater performances, or whatever our creative organizers come up with for the occasion. It is a time for relaxing, but also some quality time for good art with talented artists.


During the Free Day, participants will have a break from the workshops. The concept of the Free Day is designed so that every participant can choose what he or she would like to do or where to go. This is a perfect time to use for Belgrade sightseeing, or maybe for a shopping tour? If you are into sports, our team has successfully organized a sports day at famous Ada Lake, which is proven to be main choice of participants.At Ada Lake they can rest and have fun, swimming and playing different sports with the rest of the ISWiB crew. For art lovers, there are plenty of galleries and museums where you can go to if you want to see an art exhibition etc. Or, you can use this day to stay in the dorm and hang out together with our volunteers.


During the closing ceremony, participants will present the results of their work from each workshop and receive a certificate of participation. The president of the Organizing Committee and festival guests from partner organizations and institutions will address participants and guests. Closing ceremony has less formal character and it is primarily intended to introduce participants with the working results of other workshops.


On the last day of the festival, through the centre of Belgrade, the flags of countries participating in the festival will fly high. Flag parade will happen from the Student Square, through the Knez Mihailova Street, to the Republic Square as a big finale. The goal of the parade is to send a message about the importance of international cooperation between young people and promoting the values of multiculturalism and tolerance.