ISWiB in the eyes of its volunteer

Spring has sprung, and boredom has reached a completely new level… And I just had to do something about it, I needed a change. While I’ve been looking into internships and job opportunities I’ve found one uncommon offer about volunteering. Under normal conditions, I wouldn’t open it. But this was hard times. Tedious times. – Why not? – I was encouraging myself. So I sent my CV. 

After a while (TBH with you, I’ve forgotten about this) an interview invitation appeared in my email inbox. Boredom overcame the level of 9000, thus this was such a refreshing event. I was the last interviewee. They called me into the HR meeting room. The board was made of four beautiful ladies and a gentleman. Logical questions and made up situations meant to represent your personality, followed by a lot of laughs, really made up my day, because unfortunately, I had a bad day that afternoon. They did their magic and I was smiling again.

We had two or three group meetings before the beginning of the festival. Meetings had various and fun topics, and of course, you had to be the part of it! Goodbye boredom. Those guys were incredible! Just a few of the funniest moments you can see in the gallery. 

And we were waiting for YOU GUYS to come! There was an organized parade for your arrival. Ok, there was not exactly the red carpet, but there are volunteers with cars that are going to provide you with a ride from the airport to the dorm room. Info&host team is expecting you to give you all the information and the IDs you need, and which is more important at that moment, since you want to rest from the trip, they are going to give you the keys of your rooms. Or they’ll just say: “Someone already took the key”. And in the hall, there is a board to remind you about the events and activities. Besides that, there’s going to a lot of surprises and amusing stuff for you, BELIEVE ME!

Country fair is the real deal. The mixture of the cultures brings the spirits of all nations presenting their food and drinks, describing to you what they’ve brought. Some of them with traditional clothes, but all of them with a smile on their faces. Try not to get drunk, in case you don’t love that. Thematic and not ordinary Belgrade’s parties are something we all adore! You’ll probably meet new people there if you are not preoccupied with dancing. 

Group guides will be there always for you. And I mean always! They are going to be there since the moment you open your eyes until you go to bed. They will go with you to the workshops, touring you through the city and whatever you need.

At the end of the festival, there is an organized presentation of all the workshops and you will start to feel sad and sorrowful because everything is going to finish.

All in all, after good times, new friendships which are still alive you can only be mesmerized. You’ll probably end soaring thorough this wonderful adventure in Belgrade in your mind, and checking that everyone’s arrived safely.

Don’t be too lazy to miss an unforgettable summer week! Be the part of something incredible. It’s going to be so interesting you’re gonna think sleeping is overrated.

Aleksandar Janković, Info&host Volunteer 2019