Application for ISWiB 2021 participants is open

During these days, we all have a great need to travel and meet people, now more than ever. Do you want to make new acquaintances, get to know different cultures around the world, and have fun like never before?

If you see yourself as a communicative, open person, who wants to inspire other people and learn through play and gaining experience, then you are made for this place. The International Student Week in Belgrade will be held between August 6 and 13. This festival brings together students and young people, and this year’s theme of the festival is #IAppreciateMe.

Through our educational content, you will learn more about mental health at a time when it is most needed, and after every hard day, fun content awaits you in the form of parties or organized games where you will get to know your peers even better.

Registration for festival participants is open until April 4. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of the amazing world #ISWiB2021.

Please note that due to the unfortunate circumstances regarding COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be able to host applicants who need visa to enter The Republic of Serbia. Before submitting your application make sure to double check the stated criteria.

2 thoughts on “Application for ISWiB 2021 participants is open”

  1. Wilfredo José Buendía Orellana

    Hello there, my name is Wilfredo Buendía from El Salvador. I’m interested in this year’s ISWiB but I have money limitations, that’s why I wanted to contact you. I read in your web that the partipitacion fee is 150 euros, is that the only payment we have to do? Do I have to pay the airfare? And my last question is: what process do you do to select the people that will participate in the festival?
    Thanks for your help, I’ll be very happy if you can help me with my doubts.

    Wilfredo Buendía, El Salvador 2021.

    1. Hello Wilfredo!
      First of all we are very pleased to hear that you’re interested to participate in this year’s ISWiB!
      Yes, the participation fee is 150 euros and it includes accommodation (in a student dormitory), food (3 meals per day), all workshop expenses, residential fee and a T-shirt. Unfortunately we are not in a financial position to fund the travel expenses too.

      When it comes to selection process, first you would need to submit your application at, our team will get back to you and schedule an online interview. If everything goes right you would be accepted 🙂

      Looking forward to see your application!
      Kind regards,
      ORG team

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