ISWiB 2023

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Topic for ISWiB 2023 was The future of communication and the festival was g organized under the slogan #ConnectionInEveryDirection from 16th to 24th of July. The future of communication promises to be exciting and transformative, with a focus on creating more meaningful connections between people, as well as improving efficiency and productivity.

ISWiB 2023 sought to achieve #ConnectionInEveryDirection through workshops on digital communication's impact, media literacy, artistic self-expression, and various communication styles for a more interactive, intuitive, and integrated future of communication.

That is why we should strive for #ConnectionInEveryDirection and bring our future interactions to a higher level.


ISWiB 2022

ISWiB 2022 Tema

Topic for ISWiB 2022 was Sustainable development and the festival was organized under the slogan #NurtureOurFuture from 18th to 26th of July 2022.

Sustainable development is a principle for meeting human development goals while also sustaining the ability of natural systems to provide the natural resources and ecosystem services on which the economy and society depend. The desired result is a state of society where living conditions and resources are used to continue to meet human needs without undermining the integrity and stability of the natural system.

Future has to be sustainable!


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ISWiB 2021


Did you know that one out of four people goes through some kind of mental illness at some point in their life? Mental health is just as important as physical health. Mental health is not someone else’s care, it is everyone’s personal care, a part of obligatory hygiene and something that everyone needs and deserves to take care of.

We have chosen this topic as the umbrella topic of the work of our organization, World Youth Wave. In accordance with that, we have chosen the slogan of our biggest project, International Student Week in Belgrade (ISWiB) for 2021 – #IAppreciateME.

Because each of us is special. Because each of us is precious. Because each of us deserves to love ourselves first and foremost. Because we are all different, and that is exactly what makes us equal. Because we deserve respect. Because our mental health comes first. Because we are loud and we are ready to be even louder.

Because #IAppreciateME. Can you say the same?



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