Stadion Art Night 2019

Within 13th ISWiB we organized the Stadion Art Night on Thursday 18th July at Dorcol Platz at 8 pm. Besides participants and organizers, everyone who wanted to feel ISWiB spirit could come too. The night was opened by short and regular movies of our regional directors. The band Sizip and jazz musicians performed their acts …

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Ada Lake Day 2019

Yesterday, on July 17th, participants during the day off had the opportunity to visit Ada Ciganlija in Belgrade. Throughout the day, complete their trip with various activities such as beach volleyball, throwing frisbees, while individuals used this unique opportunity to cool down in the lake. A day trip ended with a party on the beach, …

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The future is calling

Have you ever been out of your comfort zone? Have you ever got to know yourself, other people, but at the same time made a step forward? Something is calling us… That is our revolution and your chance to improve yourself in some new and interesting way! Do you think that it is impossible to …

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Rafaela Samara with ISWiB friends

Rafaela Samara’s story

My story with volunteers: Yellow T-shirts were so many and they were everywhere! The funniest part was during their “duty” to wake us up in the morning everyday. That “knock-knock” sound in the door and their step going up and down the floor and playing pop songs in order to wake us up, was a …

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