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Welcome to Belgrade, the city of ISWiB 2019!

The “White City“ is the capital of Serbia, with around 2 million inhabitants. It is located at the confluence of the Danube and the Sava rivers.

Throughout the history Belgrade has been referred to by various names in different languages: Alba Graeca, Alba Bulgarica, Bello grado, Nandor Alba, Griechisch Weissenburg, Castelbianco and many others. However, all these names are translations of the Slavic word Beograd.

Today, Belgrade is the capital of Serbian culture, education, science and economy, with Serbian as the official language. If you walk the city center you will also be able to hear many foreign languages, because foreigners are always welcome in our city. If you decide to visit Belgrade, expect many kind Serbs who will insist on teaching you some of our language or introducing you to our tradition.

Why should you visit Belgrade?

Belgrade is a place in which you will be able to feel the unique Serbian spirit, the positive energy of our people and their friendliness. Almost every building you'll pass through has its own life story that will bring you closer to Serbian history. You will meet the people of Nikola Tesla, Mihailo Pupin and our famous Nobel Prize winner, Ivo Andric.

During the day you can experience visiting Kalemegdan, the Belgrade Fortress, to which you get through the beautiful street of Kneza Mihaila. While on a break, you can have a coffee at the Republic Square, from which you can enjoy the view of the National Theater. When the night falls, you can admire the lights of the Serbian capital and the joyful spirit of our city.

Fun Facts about Serbs and Belgrade:

  1. The only world known Serbian word is “vampire”.
  2. The Serbs had their own clock at least 200 years before the Swiss did.
  3. Belgrade is well known for its nightlife and clubs (‘splavovi’) on the rivers Sava and Danube.
  4. The National colours of Serbia are red, blue and white.
  5. The temple of Saint Sava in Belgrade is one of the largest Ortodox churches in the world.