Design team is in charge of creating the visual identity of the organization, visual content for all our projects, as well as content for social networks.

Bojana Božičić, DESIGN team coordinator

Bojana is a twenty-four-year-old digital artist from Belgrade. She graduated in Digital Arts from the Faculty of Media and Communications. Her first volunteering experience was back in 2016 when, with the help of her high school and several friends from her class, she organized the “Picture to Help” exhibition, which raised money for the most vulnerable. Also, she actively participates and exhibits at design conferences and exhibitions in the region, and this is something that opened the door for her to a lot of new knowledge, friendships and new interesting places abroad. Last year, she wrote that she will soon be a proud holder of some crypto and now she can confirm that she has been for a year already!

David Nikolić, DESIGN team member

David is a second year undergraduate student of Printing engineering, design and packaging at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy. Even though he has no volunteer experience, he is excited that this year he will be in a organization of one of the most beautiful volunteer events for young people in Belgrade. His favorite activities are cycling and table tennis, he also dances tango. He is interested in absolutely everything related to space and can watch clips and documentaries about it for hours.

Janja Dašić, DESIGN team member

Janja is a twenty-three-year-old illustrator from Belgrade. Through illustration, she tackles topics such as mental health and self-care. In her spare time, apart from designing, she likes to eat macaroni and chill with her pets. She’s crazy about fashion and likes to shine with her style wherever she goes, even on her way to the store. Her hobbies are sleeping and napping.

Sofija Šćepanović, DESIGN team member

Sofia is 22 years old and is currently finishing her fourth year of college. She is studying at the Faculty of Media and Communications, majoring in digital marketing. Sofia volunteers in the World Youth Wave, as a member of the design team. The first volunteering was at the Iswib festival, which encouraged her to actively participate in volunteering throughout the year. In her free time, she studies and works in the fields of marketing and design. She is a beginner in design, but she is very interested in creative work. If she could choose her whole life, she would take courses and listen to diametrically different things.

Natalija Čelić, DESIGN team member

Natalija is a second year student of graphic design at the University of Metropolitan. Aside from being a student, she does agility (a sport where the owner and their dog compete as a team) and recently she’s opened her own agility club. Agility has allowed her to travel all across Europe, meet different cultures and interesting people, and because of that, ISWiB (organized by SOT) is the perfect puzzle piece in the puzzle of her life. She consideres herself a serious gourmand, because she still hasn’t been able to find a single thing she doesn’t like to eat. In her free time, in between her meals, she loves to dance tango until her feet are absolutely numb. She is famous for her private concerts in her car, which she holds when no one’s looking, AKA she’s famous only to her Fiat, but it can be said that she is known for her love of sharing, making the people closest to her laugh; and for the fact that there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for them.

Saša Vidiner, DESIGN team member

Saša is a 23 year old student at Faculty of Philology, studying English language, literature, and culture. His first volonteering experience was within the World Youth Wave organization, and it was a really important experience for him because socialization and working on a project within a team has meant a lot to him. His fields of interest are design and music, but he also enjoys board games and assembling puzzles.