EDU (Educational Program) team is responsible for organizing and creating educational content for participants in our projects, as well as contacting and maintaining communication with moderators, speakers and lecturers.

Anđela Nedić, EDU team coordinator

Anđela is a third-year management student at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. As a child, she was afraid that in the course of her life she would not have enough time to learn everything about the world, contribute to the victory over all injustices and sufficiently beautify the lives of all the people she cares about, which led to her desire for constant research and improvement that continues to this day. During her education, she began to engage in various projects and volunteer activities, always trying to navigate a challenging and uncertain environment in order to be better than the “previous version of herself.” She says that she is trying to find her thing in which she will become an expert and until then, you can find her playing various trivia games, applying all the (in)necessary knowledge she has. She would be grateful if you to take her out for a really good coffee (preferably somewhere in Barcelona) or anywhere near water – rivers, sea, lakes, anything goes.

Toma Paleček, EDU team member

Toma is one curious dude with a wide array of skills and interests. He finished his Bachelor studies in biochemical engineering in Serbia, after which he went to France getting his Masters diploma in fluid mechanics and energetics. After competitive rowing and shooting he found his passion in street style dance. During his dancing career (which is not over yet!) He was a part of many music videos, shows and concerts, and won a number of competitions. As of late he started channeling his creative tendencies through directing. As a social butterfly, he always enjoyed preparing fun activities for others, so he started volunteering. With his dance studio, he organized two renditions of the biggest regional festival of street culture – 2hot4stage fest, after which he was drawn to the international and lively spirit of ISWIB. He’s currently learning programming and designing games.

Katarina Trbojević, EDU team member

Hello, my name is Katarina and I’m 23 years old. I’m currently pursuing a master’s degree in Brand Design. As the title says, I’m passionate about brands and visual identities. Beside that, I love travelling, writing, drawing and reading. I’m always seeking inspiration for some new project and when I’m not doing that – I’m probably searching for new music to listen to, because music is my fuel. I love my close friends to death, but I do need a lot of time for myself and everything I have on my mind. I love to read about psychology, mental health and ecology. I’m very empathetic and I’m always trying to understand myself and people around me more. You can always count on me or tell me a secret no one will ever know.

Isidora Todorov, EDU team member

Isidora is a 24-year-old currently enrolled in master studies at Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade, field of electronic business. Volunteering has been holding the title of an undeniable part of her life for some time now, due to the fact she considers it a vehicle for exploration, contribution and communication with the world and herself. She takes interest in everything complex and intriguing and loves everything simple and genuine.

Dunja Brajović, EDU team member

Dunja has a master’s degree in architecture and works as an architect in a real estate company working in construction and property management. Since childhood, she has had a great love for painting, drawing and music, through which she expresses his creativity in her free time.
She entered the world of social engagement as a child, volunteering at a veterinary clinic. She speaks English, French and Italian and would like to learn Spanish.
Most of all, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and her wish is to travel the world and get to know as many cultures as possible.

Borivoje Lazić, EDU team member

Borivoje is a final year student of Albanian language and literature at the Faculty of Philology. Friends describe him as a classic Libra who can never make up his mind about anything. He is a romantic soul with a loving nature, which is sometimes his virtue and sometimes his weakness. A sixty-five-year-old grandpa is actually crouching in him, because sometimes he finds inspiration for outfit right in his grandpa’s closet and solves crossword puzzles in his spare time. His favorite reading are classics and poetry and he watches series and movies that he has already watched 5 or more times. He has not yet fully learned to say no, so it is very difficult for him to refuse a night out. In a past life he was on the Titanic.