EDU (Educational Program) team is responsible for organizing and creating educational content for participants in our projects, as well as contacting and maintaining communication with moderators, speakers and lecturers.

Katarina Rajković, EDU team coordinator

Hi guys, My name is Katarina and I am 23 years old. Everyone usually calls me Rayka or Raya, so you won’t hear Katarina that often. I have graduated from Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade, and I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in Project and Investment Management. Apart from my studies, I am active in student organizations, and I love spending time working with people, meeting them and just having a good time. I am a big fan of nature, and I really like hiking and camping. Also, I enjoy watching movies and reading books. I was first introduced to World Youth Wave in 2019, when I volunteered at ISWiB. Sadly, the festival had to end quickly for me, because I had a surgery in my knee (sad emoji). However, it didn’t stop me from applying for the organizational team, and staying here until further notice. I really love these people, and our energy drives me, and I can’t wait to transfer this energy to all of you at ISWIB 2022!

Isidora Todorov, EDU team member

Hello! I’m Isidora, a 23-year-old student of management at Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade. Volunteering has been holding the title of an undeniable part of my life for some time now, due to the fact I consider it a vehicle for exploration, contribution and communication with the world and myself. I take interest in everything complex and intriguing and love everything simple and genuine.

Dunja Brajović, EDU team member

Hello, my name is Dunja, I am 23 years old, currently, I study for a master’s degree at Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, where I completed my bachelor’s degree studies. My first volunteer steps started in elementary school in the veterinary practice, where I began my volunteer days just as children’s entertainment and then got my first responsibilities. I have always believed that uniting and gathering around common ideas for engagement and actions actually revealed that through volunteerism you give but always get more. By volunteering, we gain experiences and skills, strengthen and get to know ourselves and others. In addition to my obligations at work and master’s studies, I love painting, exercising, and often bettering my knowledge of foreign languages. I like seeing live theater performances, visiting museums, and screenings of older films.

Borivoje Lazić, EDU team member

Hi, my name is Borivoje, I’m 21 years old and I study Albanian language and culture at Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. I have been volunteering since the beginning of the faculty, because I didn’t have the opportunity to do it before. Therefore, my first experience as a volunteer was at the film festival “Slobodna zona”. This, and every other experience later, was significant for me because I got to know myself better as well as my capabilities. Throughout volunteering, teamwork gave me an opportunity to get to know many young people and to become a real team player. My hobbies are very colorful – in my spare time I enjoy watching and playing tennis, going to theatre, reading books (both poetry and novels), playing board games and solving crosswords.

Ana Zlatković, EDU team member

Hello! My name is Ana, 23 years old, and I am currently a master student at Faculty of Organizational Sciences, module: Project management. I am working in ICL services, one of the leading companies in a field of IT infrastructure, as a project manager. That is the role that I love and the area in which I would like to improve my skills during the future career. My first volunteering experience was ISWIB, and during that journey I’ve realized how volunteering can be important for personal development and networking. Thanks to this experience, I’ve become a passionate lover of volunteering and participation in international events.
I’m mostly interested in organization of all spheres in my personal and professional life, and besides that, I am a dancer in national dance group and musician (just as a hobby).