Event team is in charge of creating cultural and entertaining events of the organization and contacting and negotiating venues necessary for our projects.

Milica Milošević, EVENT team coordinator

Milica represents the lazy half of the Milošević twins and her parents do not hesitate to remind her of that. Don’t ask her about her age, especially don’t ask her how many years she’s been in college. In 2018, she was rejected to join the event team, but today she is the event team leader and often retells that story in her head during an interview with Jimmy Fallon. They call her Grmilica or Lomilica, but her lawyer advised her not to disclose why. She would describe her life as sitcom-like, however, she’s probably the character the audience laughs at for all the wrong reasons – but hey, she’s just happy for the screen time. She finds her confidence in channeling her inner drag queen (from the comfort of her own room), and when she grows up she wants to be just like her grandmother Jela, who runs a bar in Zemun Polje and is the definition of a girl boss. When Milica says “I have a guy for that”, and she often says it, the “guy” in question is always Grandma Jela. Milica is a procrastinating perfectionist and mostly productive at night, but has a handful of obligations during the day. Her life motto is her own clumsy quote: “Life is short, so what’s the hurry?”.

Teodora Jovanović, EVENT team member

Teodora is a third-year student at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences and an active member of several student organizations. She often works on projects of different characters, which is why her friends consider her as analytical and tactical. Always thinking she would become a famous architect, but deciding to specialize in management, she cherishes her artistic side through painting and drawing. This eternal creative adventurer loves to travel and hopes that someday she will be able to say that traveling is her hobby! Until then, she enjoys watching sunsets from different parts of the world, collecting postcards and trying unusual ice cream flavors.

Milica Stojaković, EVENT team member

Milica is a student at the Faculty of Organizational sciences, module Information systems and Technology. Even though she is studying IT, she can confirm that she has no interest in it. She has been volunteering and organizing projects in many organizations and she has a great number of successful events and cheerleading performances behind her. Other members of World youth wave would probably associate her with dance floor because she is always on it. In spare time, she will be your personal hypeman on parties, and in addition to that she loves to read and scroll tik tok to find out new happenings in pop culture.

Katarina Kaplanec, EVENT team member

Katarina is 22 years old and studies photography at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. She has so many obligations that the most frequently spoken sentence to her is “I’m in a mess”, but she will also say “Let’s go” to every friend’s invitation. She doesn’t know how to function without music and her biggest punishment is to be left without headphones. If she seems pensive, she’s probably humming to herself the last song she listened to. She started her volunteer career as a volunteer of the Red Cross of Zvezdara, of which she has been an active member since the beginning of high school, and in which she is a peer educator on topics such as the fight against human trafficking, drug prevention, first aid, etc. Her fields of interest are studio photography, videography and video editing, and she also deals with graphic design, acting and folklore(our Serbian traditional dance). In her free time, she likes to read, organize parties and explore new hobbies to fill the little free time she has.

Bogdan Jontulović, EVENT team member

Bogdan is a student of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, somewhere between the third and fourth year. Very willing to go out and always stay last at the after parties. This is his second year in the Event team, and before that he was a volunteer group guide. You will easily recognize him on Iswib, because he rarely takes off his sunglasses. He is known for having introduced the song “Ledena” as an Iswib tradition, together with former president Sara Oluic. He likes to make bets, mostly only those he knows he will win.