you're gonna hear me roar

career development workshop

Combining theory and practice, the method of this workshop is to demonstrate participants how to present themselves in the job market after college.

How to talk in front of your colleagues? How to write a CV or motivation letter? How to talk on the job interview? These and much more similar questions are big problems for all of us. We finished our school, finished college, but then what? Although we’ve learned a lot during college, we don’t know how to present it to some HR manager on the interview. Our educational system doesn’t teach us some practical things that are expected from us later. In the age of computers and internet it’s difficult to talk with a few persons, not to even mention an audience of hundreds of people staring at you. Stage fright is usual and common problem to every generation, not only for young people. “Everything you need is already inside you. Don’t wait for others to light your fire. You have your own matches!”

Through this workshop participants should overcome stage fright and lack of confidence. We all have the fire in ourselves, but the problem is how to light it up. First sparks are always the hardest ones, but if you try, you would be amazed by the firework! After all, when you get the hang of it, you’ll see that it isn’t a big of a deal to write some CV.

Expected result
As kids, we put some adult clothes and make up wishing to be grown-ups, but when we finally get into those years when we should find a job, cooperate with people and etc, we see it isn’t so nice and easy as we expected. We are independent individuals from whom is expected to find it’s own life path, but we’ve only got theoretical facts in college, without the chance to practice it. After this workshop the participants shouldn’t be scared of some interview or to bring their own opinion on something in front of more people in the room. They will have courage and self-esteem, and some company would be delighted to have them as their employed.