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dance workshop

The method of this workshop is dance and it should bring participants closer, to show their emotions and connection through teamwork. 

Our generation is popularly called “Generation Z”. We are good with technology, gaming, and everything that requires computers and internet. The problem is, are we capable of showing our emotions without emoji and stickers? How can we show what’s really inside us in real word, without typing? The answer isn’t so hard to find – if you want to express yourself and tell something about yourself, you have to connect with others! And what’s the best way to reconnect with your emotions and show what you feel to the whole world than dance? 

The aim of this workshop is to show participants that there is a real world, without computers, and it isn’t so scary as it seems. Through teamwork, without limits, dance has the power to bring people together and give them opportunity to show how they feel. We can guarantee you good time fulfilled with fun! The only thing we expect from you is energy and open mind! 

Expected results
At the end of this workshop, participants should become aware that dance isn’t just moves along the music and it doesn’t require foreknowledge. It’s inside all of us, even though we aren’t aware of it.  It is an art that connects us all and gives the opportunity to express our feelings. ”You are the music, hear the dance!” The performance will be shown at the final ceremony of the festival.