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psychodrama workshop

The method of this workshop is psychodrama. Psychodrama is a special method of psychotherapy, characterized as group therapy. The therapeutic procedure is based on stage expression with the use of drama elements, role playing and dramatic self-presentation. Past events, unresolved life situations, inner dramas, fantasies, dream take place on the stage, along with situations that could potentially happen in the future. 

“Nowhere is that many people as in one man” Who are you? How many roles do you play in your life? Role theory states that role is a functional form that a person takes at a particular moment, situation, interaction with another person or object. Roles are built through personal experience as well as social context. They reflect our principles, ideas, ideas about the world, beliefs. The important fact is that the roles are variable and dynamic, and that is the therapeutic potential of psychodrama. Who are you? Are you ready to bring your authentic emotion and experience to life as a movie script? This is a movie about your life. Do you dare to be the main role? 

The goal of psychodrama is an introspective experience, a look into our past and an analysis of situations that are hindering current and future development. Through this workshop, as through a movie script, we will go through life’s situations, empower ourselves in what we are and practice for what we can be. Playing potential future situations reveals potentials we didn’t even know we possess, broadens the repertoire of roles, and makes it easier for us to live in harmony with the world around us. Play life to your advantage! 

Expected results
Through group dynamics, laugh, pain, creativity and spontaneity, we will go through to the earliest life’s stages. The therapist ensures group cohesion, trust among members and a shared desire for progressing. At the end of the process, a catharsis awaits us, a release of spirit from painful moments and a more optimistic and braver point of view, a person of awakened potentials, ready for future events and ready to become the director of their life.