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gaming workshop

The participants will have the opportunity to learn more about game development and develop a simple mind game of their own, either in groups or individually, with assistance from our mentor. It will be possible to work with different technologies, so don’t be afraid to explore.

We can say that our lives, the interactions, obligations and entertainment, are becoming more and more digitized every day. PC, tablet and mobile games are a part of our digitized life. They are the creative, young part of us that wants to play and explore, the one who is angry or who loves adventure and mystery. Games, like everything else, are a kind of creative process, an interactive art-form that can be explored further. The question is, can we make a game that reflects our inner beings? Can we make any algorithm explain human behaviour? If not, can we at least make a game that can challenge our mind?

We can! Or, at least, the participants will. In this workshop, with a little creativity and the help of our moderator, the participants will be involved in the process of creating a mind-blowing (pun intended) video game. The aim is to go through every process of making a video game, including the brainstorming sessions, design ideas and of course testing the actual video games. One part of the workshop will be concentrated on the coding, where the moderator and participants will come to an agreement on the level of programming that will be practiced, in respect of the group composition and the distribution of individual skill. The goal will be to discover more on the actual process of building video games and it will be upon the individual to see whether they wish to continue creating this digitized art.

Expected results
The participants will have learned the timeline and process of building a video game. On the final day of the festival every game will be displayed and played. This will both provide ultimate video-game madness and will be an actual opportunity to test the game and see how the other festival participants react to the final product. 

As mentioned earlier, the level of difficulty of the workshop will be determined based on the knowledge of the participants, so no prior knowledge is required. Just bring your childish, lovely selves with you!