all eyes on us

musical workshop

The method of this workshop is a musical. The stage-artistic performance has the power to create a unity of thoughts, feelings and actions, helping us express our inner world expressively, letting others to get to know us, but also getting to know ourselves and becoming aware of the hidden parts of our personality. 

Today is molding us. Nowadays when society develop day by day, it seems as we living in the mold. We live by the pattern, the way we should, the way we need to. We adhere to social norms, we subordinate our needs to the community. Have we as individuals become invisible? With this musical, we are trying to put every individual at the forefront, making all our emotions, needs and desires visible. ,,All eyes on us” is the message of this performance. But in order to become visible, we must first look at ourselves and allow our hidden needs to stand in front of us. Your psychical life is a whole universe. And the center of that universe is YOU. 

With the help of musical as a method of this workshop, we will reach a level of awareness of our emotions, urges, needs and problems. Remember: It is better to take one step out of yourself, than 1000 steps in your chest. Psychical growth is something that inevitably comes after learning about your personal hidden inner life. After that, connecting with others, other people’s persectives and emotions, develops in each of us empathy, philanthropy, a sense of worth and belonging. Get on the stage- get out of comfort zone! And remember: The comfort zone may be nice place, but nothing grows in there. 

Expected results
Participants in this workshop will become more 
sensitive to the personal and other’s needs, learn that good things come with good feelings. The image we hide in ourselves is the image the world sees. We shine as much light as we find in ourselves.