yoga workshop

A combination of physical and mental exercises based on Yoga – an ancient Indian spiritual practice and the concept of Ikigai – Japanese practice towards achieving ‘the reason for being’.

In the beginning man was connected to nature and in turn to a more primal, soulful part of himself. We have come a long way since that point in time and are constantly and rapidly evolving in every sense. Our inner-being seems to have two choices – racing to keep up with innovations or being left behind in the aftermath – and it comes at a drastic cost. In a more hectic, shalow and globalized hour many have lost touch with themselves which truly left and continues to leave a heavy print on body and mind. Yoga and the practice of ikigai aim to bring us closer to ourselves and restore balance between our physical and spiritual being.

Through participating in this workshop the yogi will break down his/her reality and reexamine its key parts while focusing on the connection he/she has with each important element in life. One part of the workshop will be concentrated on enhancing focus on the present moment, which will be done through various breathing and body exercises, or pranayamas and asanas respectively. The second part will aim to explain the concept of ikigai and the way towards achieving it. Through assessing the connections between elements of our current lives and those elements which we think or feel could be included, it allows us to access a sense of accomplishment. This is done through introspection and by laying out a simpler path for putting into practice the talents and potentials we hold. Ikigai and yoga both don’t propose an end destination but support the concept of ‘enjoying the journey’ and ‘living here and now’.

Expected results
Imagining life as an hourglass the top half would represent the past and the bottom part would represent the future. We live in the narrow neck and live there for only a moment. By the end of our workshop the participants will have learned that that moment is all we need, even though sometimes the pull is greater on both sides. 

Participants are required to bring their own mat.