FR (Fundraising) team develops project documentation, finds resources for the realization of organization’s projects, creates a strong message that reaches potential donors and communicates with our partners and sponsors.

Dušan Jašović, FR team coordinator

Dusan is a 22-year-old currently studying economics, he is the FR team leader in SOT and is striving to be an antrepeneur.

Milica Stanojković, FR team member

Milica Stanojković is a final year student of andragogy at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. She got acquainted with activism and volunteering in elementary school, but she experienced the true feeling of volunteering when she enrolled in college. She proudly points out that she is a member of the FR team of the World Youth Wave organization, and that she is the president of the student organization Career Development Center of the Faculty of Philosophy. She would describe herself as a person interested in many things, from literature, photography and art in general, through project management and fundraising, to adult education and various forms of communication. She loves traveling and she is the type of person in group who will plan the trip in detail!

Nikola Kocić, FR team member

Nikola is a MEF student majoring in management. He graduated from medical high school as a physiotherapist and does all kinds of massages on a voluntary basis. A place in the FR team of the World Youth Wave is the first engagement of this type in his life. It was this that completely changed his perception and showed that volunteering is a great thing and that it is essential in building and maturing a young person. He likes to read a lot and enjoys outdoor activities like hiking. His goal in life is to be an entrepreneur in order to have the financial and spatial freedom to travel around the world. His two dream destinations are Thailand and South America.

Filip Radosavljević, FR team member

Filip is a fourth-year student at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, majoring in Information Systems and Technologies. He is currently working in United Cloud as a Frontend developer, on the well-known product In addition to programming, Filip also loves graphic and web design, which he does in his spare time. He enjoys training, reading, playing games, eating and making parties at his apartment.

Mina Trajković, FR team member

Because she is certain there is no place for her to grow roots, since no place or city can hold her down, Mina everything life has to offer. Adventurer at heart, she goes through life head first. Her pièce de résistance are finances, and NGO sector has been a part of her identity since the age of twelve. She dabbles in diplomatic service and sees herself working in international waters – it’s good that she is getting her bachelor’s in international studies this year. Notaphilist since day zero, she is also an avid enjoyed of finely brewed coffee. She has been dreaming of holding a zoologist diploma and she never got to see that goal through. She feels at home amongst spreadsheets, while her day is finished once all tasks from her to-do list are marked as done. If you want to get a hold of her, just peruse though a local coffee shop, and you’ll find her devoted to a good book.