~ Here & now

Embark on a magic journey into the dynamic and fantastic world of modern marketing with our workshop Marketing Magic. This immersive experience delves into cutting-edge techniques, including real-time marketing, guerrilla marketing and digital marketing, offering participants a comprehensive understanding of contemporary marketing strategies. With a focus on the Here&Now, participants will learn to harness the power of real-time marketing to stay current and responsive in today’s fast-paced landscape, mastering the art of timely and relevant content creation to engage audiences on the fly. Additionally, the digital marketing segment will equip participants with the latest tools and strategies for online brand building, social media engagement and data-driven decision-making, emphasizing the value of relationship building in the digital realm. Gain insights into effective brand building that transcends traditional boundaries, fostering a strong and enduring connection with your audience.

Whether you’re a marketing student, industry expert, or simply a curious soul looking to enhance your skills, this workshop provides a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between traditional and state-of-the-art marketing concepts. Gain valuable insights and practical skills applicable to diverse business environments, from crafting real-time viral social media campaigns to executing guerrilla marketing stunts that leave a lasting impression. Empower yourself to navigate the ever-evolving marketing landscape with confidence, mastering both the Here&Now and anticipating the Here&Next. Unleash the magic within marketing and position yourself at the forefront of innovation, armed with a toolkit of skills to not only adapt but to shape the future of marketing.