Start-up bootcamp

~ Unleash your business potential

Are you a business-savvy individual eager to join the start-up ecosystem? Do you want your idea to become an innovative problem-solving tool that can be used by your community, and once developed, even by many more people? Join our 5-day start-up bootcamp program led by our experts in the digital field and master all the skills crucial for developing your brand-new business idea.

You will be given detailed lessons and carefully crafted exercises in order to master the skills of idea and hypothesis validation, MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development, Lean methodology and most effective go to market strategies. Our experts will guide you step by step through this innovation process, giving you constant, experience-based feedback.

Of course, what is a start-up without a carefully assembled and highly talented team? Your team members will be your greatest allies on this creative journey, and in true start-up world fashion, your team will be small and consisted of members with complimentary experience and skills. Together, you will come up with an innovative product or service of great potential, which could meet the market needs and eventually grow up to the global scale. Finally, your team will learn how to successfully deliver a pitch in front of anyone of significance to your start-up idea, from new team members to potential investors.

Don’t miss this opportunity to propel yourself closer to your business goals. Join us this summer and embark on a transformative journey with our Start-up Bootcamp. Your entrepreneurial adventure awaits!