HR (Human Resources) team oversees internal dynamics in the team throughout the year and coordination of all sectors of volunteers during our largest project, International Student Week in Belgrade

Marija Stefanović, HR team member

Hi, my name is Marija and I am 21 years old. I study Dutch language, literature and culture at Philological Faculty in Belgrade. My first voulonteering experiences were made in high school when I participated in certain sports and film festivals. In my free time I like to learn foreign languages and their outlandish alphabets. Besides that, I love traveling and meeting new people from different countries with who I can make unforgettable memories and gain new experiences. To me the world truly is one enormous village whose every corner must be seen and explored.

Jana Perišić, HR team member

Hello, my name is Jana, I am 24 years old, I am studying graphic design at Information Technology School – Comtrade in Belgrade, majoring in computer multimedia. This is my second year of volunteering at World Youth Wave. I like to say that WYW has found me at the right time and in the right place. I have met some wonderful people that I probably wouldn’t have come across if I hadn’t volunteered. I am very grateful for the whole experience within the organization, especially for the things I learned as its member and most of all for the incredible people I have become friends with thanks to volunteering. In my free time I like to watch movies, drink coffee, go to parties and give all my love to my dog ​​Frey.

Filip Marković, HR team member

Hello, my name is Filip, I am 22 years old and I am a final year student at Faculty of Organizational Sciences. I deal with programming and human resources, I work, volunteer, go out, enjoy, I can achieve practically everything. My friends see me as a person with who everything impossible becomes, in fact, possible, and as a person that inspires everyone around me to believe in themselves and in their dreams. The sooner you realize that you only live once and that you need to push the boundaries in everything and always tempt yourself with new things, areas and activities, the sooner you will learn to live life to the fullest and feel what primordial happiness means. Sometimes I am caable of traveling to the other side of the continent overnight. But I also know how to get up for work at 8 in the morning, to pass 7 exams in one term, and finish all my obligations.