HR (Human Resources) team oversees internal dynamics in the team throughout the year and coordination of all sectors of volunteers during our largest project, International Student Week in Belgrade

Jana Perišić, HR team coordinator

Jana is a twenty-five-year old forever student from Lazarevac. She enjoys illustrations, walking her dogs and romanticizing her life. She adores having deep conversations with people, listening to their love stories, as well as sharing her own. If you ask Jana what she does in her free time, 95% of the time she will respond that she cleans her house. Jana exudes positive energy when she’s surrounded by other people, especially her SOT team. Her current job is employing American truck drivers, she’s volunteering as an HR and acting as an influencer on Instagram. She has an everlasting to-do list, which she rarely revisits, and a big intent on becoming famous through her dog Frea.

Sava Bralić, HR team member

Sava is a twenty-year-old economics student at LSE – Business and Management. He is a fan of music and music production, he is also a sports, especially basketball fanatic and a fan of traveling and getting to know different cultures of the world. Many would say that maturity for his age is his most pronounced feature, as he is distinguished by his communication skills, speed in solving problems, as well as versatility and understanding in his relationships with the people around him. The volunteer experience began in 2021 as a Group Guide volunteer at the ISVIB festival, which he repeated the following summer, in order to expand his horizons at the end of 2022 and become part of the World Youth Wave as a member of the HR team.

Maja Mitrović, HR team member

Maja is 23 years old and is a student. She fell in love with volunteering, firstly, because of a student organization called AIESEC and later, because of World Youth Wave. She’s an adventurer and travelling is her greatest passion. She’s also a photography enthusiast, loves  tattoos and adores animals. 

Ivana Stefanović, HR team member

Ivana is 23 years old and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in European Politics and Crisis Management at the University of Belgrade, as well as pursuing a second MA degree in Politics, Society and Economy of Asia at Leiden University in the Netherlands. In her free time she’s fond of starting debates about any given subject, regardless of the time, place and circumstances of a gathering. She repeats herself a lot because she can’t keep up with her train of thought, hence her nickname is tangent. She adores music, especially if it’s in a language she doesn’t understand. Her love for travelling, people and the unknown often takes her on curious paths, usually those connected to volunteering, leading her to the World Youth Wave organization for example. One thing she knows for sure is that one day she will be rich and famous, but she still didn’t realize on what grounds. Regardless, she knows it’s only a matter of time.