IntCom (International Communications) team oversees international communication, and its members are primarily engaged in selecting and maintaining relations with participants and promoters of the main project of our organization – International Student Week in Belgrade.

Jelena Nikolić, IntCom team coordinator

Hi everyone, my name is Jelena, I’m 24 years old and I study Operations Management at Faculty of Organizational Sciences. My volunteering experience began in 2018 on ISWiB, and I’ve been a member of World Youth Wave for 3 years now. Through volunteering I met many friends from all around the world, and it also taught me what it means to be part of a working group that functions as a family. I like to spend my free time binge watching series and anime, or going out for a beer with my friends.

Mina Mijajlović, IntCom team member

Hi, my name is Mina, I’m 20 years old and I study German language and literature at Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade. My first experiences with volunteering were at cultural events. I think that volunteerism is especially important for gaining new, valuable skills and experiences, meeting people with similar interests and networking. I’m interested in organizing cultural events, fighting for social injustice and translating. Some other things that bring me joy are wandering through museums, going to the theatre, reading poetry, participating in international projects, traveling and exploring new cultures.

Andjela  Nedić, IntCom team member

Hello everyone, my name is Anđela, I am 21 years old and I study management at Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade. Back in high school, I developed a love for projects that inspired me to fight for important ideas and goals, and my first and favorite volunteering experience was ISWiB, where I participated as a group guide volunteer. The energy of the people at the festival motivated me to join the organizational team of World Youth Wave, and through these experiences I discovered myself, but also pushed the limits of my possibilities. I like to prepare surprises for dear people and I enjoy challenges from which I can learn something new.

Anastasija Aleksić, IntCom team member

Hey everyone, my name is Anastasija, I’m 21 years old and currently I’m a student at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. My major is obviously mechanical engineering and I’m in my final year of bachelor studies. I’m also a student-mentor at my faculty for the second year in a row. I do not have any volunteering experience, but I’m trying to change that, because, in my opinion, volunteerism is really important for developing your social skills, gaining new experiences, meeting new people with similar interests and views. I like being outdoors, especially taking walks, but still the best way for me to relax is with some good book, especially a Russian classic like Dostoevsky. In my free time I like discovering different cultures, learning new languages, and reading about ancient civilazations such as Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece, but also about civilizations that lived in South America, like Inka Empire and The Maya civilization. I also like to work with people and I love visiting museums and theatres. In my top three favourite accomplishments I would put opportunity to work on ISWiB and many other projects with wonderful people, because I think that those projects are also helping others in self-development and gaining irreplacable experiences and memories.

Ana Jovanović, IntCom team member

Hello everyone, my name is Ana. I’m 20 years old and I study Management at Faculty od Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade. I had my first experience with volunteering at my first year of faculty, when I became a member of Student Union of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, which makes different charity projects every year. For me, that was a turning point after which I started gaining as much experience as possible and started connecting with ambitious people. I’m interested in all aspects related to marketing and sales, and apart from that I like playing piano and I’m part of a cheerleading team.