IntCom (International Communications) team oversees international communication, and its members are primarily engaged in selecting and maintaining relations with participants and promoters of the main project of our organization – International Student Week in Belgrade.

Mina Mijajlović, IntCom team coordinator

Mina is a German Studies student at the Faculty of Philology. During her time at university she explored various aspects of social activism and volunteering. She considers herself to be ambitious, dedicated, driven by a competitive spirit and always eager for new challenges. Organization is key to her, as she can’t function without her planner and performs best when her day is filled with tasks. In her free time, Mina can be found reading, attending cultural events or romanticizing her life. But above all, she loves traveling and experiencing new cultures, participating in international projects and making new friends wherever she goes. Her ultimate goal is to have at least a friend in every city she visits, and in the meantime, she is always on the lookout for her next trip and adventure.

Uroš Milićević, IntCom team member

Uroš is a student at the Faculty of Phylology, a long-time Red Cross volunteer in the disaster response sector, Uroš is a karate black belt and has tried all the martial arts he was able to, he plays the guitar, the piano and the harmonica, he loves his instruments and enjoys the music he plays and listens to. In his younger days he dabbled in acting and has even acted in his local theater. Next to his university Uroš is also freelancing as a frontend programer. Nowadays Uroš is trying to travel as much as he can, experience as many new things as he can, and meet as many new people as he can.

Ana Mišić, IntCom team member

Ana is Graphic Designer, loves new challenges and constantly learning new things – from new languages to DIY projects. It is very important to her to be surrounded by young and ambitious people who share love and passion for the same goals. She’s been a participant at ISWiB for two years and she fell in love with its energy. She likes to get out of the comfort zone, try new food and experiences. Her friends would describe her as persistent and stubborn, but she says that she has achieved everything she has ever wanted. She likes dynamic life, to take as many things as she can on herself and then whines about not having enough time to finish them. She’s perfectionist and procrastinator in one person – so maybe her work will be late, but when you see the final product, you will just forget that she passed the deadline (oops).

Natalija Nikčević, IntCom team member

Natalija is a twenty-three-year-old graduate student in management at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. During her studies, she was active in student projects, and she is also a volunteer at the Red Cross Voždovac for eight years. In her spare time, she reads books, plays board games (she especially likes Secret Hitler) and she enjoys stepping out of the comfort zone. Natalija is a perfectionist who likes to meet new people and make new friends. She is a big MotoGP fan, and this year it’: on her bucket list to go to one of the races.

Anastasija Aleksić, IntCom team member

Anastasija is a twenty-two-year-old bachelor studies student at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical engineering, majoring in mechanical engineering. She is a big fan of books, especially Russian classics, and her favorite book is “Brothers Karamazov” by Dostoevsky. In her free time, she loves to volunteer, travel, meet new people and cultures, learn new languages and help others as much as possible. If you ask her about her dream job, she will probably say, “a detective who solves big mysteries,” but on the other hand, one of her biggest passions is history and archeology. If she isn’t replying to your messages, don’t worry, she is not ignoring you; she just probably doesn’t want to pause a video on a YouTube channel, “Crime watch daily,” podcasts about mysteries or a new k-drama that she has been obsessing over. One of her big interests is aircraft and spacecraft, and she dreams of working on projects with Elon Musk.