#IAppreciateMe - August 6th-13th 2021

Did you know that one out of four people goes through some kind of mental illness at some point in their life? Mental health is just as important as physical health. Mental health is not someone else’s care, it is everyone’s personal care, a part of obligatory hygiene and something that everyone needs and deserves to take care of.

We have chosen this topic as the umbrella topic of the work of our organization, World Youth Wave. In accordance with that, we have chosen the slogan of our biggest project, International Student Week in Belgrade (ISWiB) for 2021 – #IAppreciateME.

Because each of us is special. Because each of us is precious. Because each of us deserves to love ourselves first and foremost. Because we are all different, and that is exactly what makes us equal. Because we deserve respect. Because our mental health comes first. Because we are loud and we are ready to be even louder.

Because #IAppreciateME. Can you say the same?


Have you ever  thought of starting your own business? If so, have you ever thought about what is waiting for you on that path?

While thinking about it, the external factors that might ensure your success or prevent you from succeeding probably came to mind, but what about your inner strengths and weaknesses that could also impact your professional development as well? Also, apart from planning your professional goals, did you make plans on how to protect your mental health along the way?

If these questions intrigued you, this is a workshop for you! Our moderator will guide all the ambitious participants through the process of starting their own business, while putting a focus on the main obstacles you may ran into when it comes to your mental health. How to avoid the burn out syndrome, how to keep yourself motivated and persistent are only some of the skills you will master during this five days long workshop.

Why did you use that precise color? What does that spot in the bottom right corner indicate? And why did you draw the Sun so big?

Humans have expressed themselves with symbols throughout history and their importance has been acknowledged by the social sciences a long time ago. In one of many researches it was shown that individuals going through some difficulties often expressed themselves in drawings and other artworks, which led many to explore the use of art as a healing strategy. Today, art therapy is based on the belief that self-expression through artistic creation has therapeutic value for those who are healing or seeking deeper understanding of themselves and their personalities.
Art, either the process of creating it or viewing other’s artworks, is used to help people explore their emotions, develop self-awareness, cope with stress, boost self-esteem, and work on social skills. 

Are you scared of something? Do you want to leave something behind you? Or do you just want to celebrate life? Every line, every angle and every colour has its own story. What’s yours?

“Nowhere is that many people as in one man.” Who are you? How many roles are you willing to accept in your life?

Role theory states that a role is a functional form that a person takes at a particular moment, situation, interaction with another person or object. Roles are built through personal experience as well as social context. They reflect our principles, ideas, notions about the world, beliefs and also challenge us to understand other people’s perspectives too.

This workshop is challenging you to feel your own and other people’s emotions, to perceive the world from the eyes of the others and to live their live as if it was your own. Playing out possible future situations reveals the potential we might have not known that we have, widens up our perspective and easens it for us to live in compliance with the world that surrounds us. Play life in your own advantage!

Does your body listen to your soul? Do you dance to the rhythm of your emotions? Are you ready to connect your inner and outer worlds? 

Connecting with others gives you the opportunity to express all forms of  yourself, which are somewhere deep within us, all while dancing. In this moment, dancing is not just a movement that follows the music, it also represents a type of therapy and non verbal communication because it helps us to express something we otherwise wouldn’t be able to achieve with words. Without limitations or obstacles, dancing has the power to bring people together and give them the chance to show what they actually feel. Dance does not require any prior knowledge, it is inside all of us, even if we are not aware of it. It is a form of art which connects us and helps us to communicate our feelings.

Live your life in the rhythm of music! 

If you had to choose between singing, acting, dance or any other type of nonverbal communication, which one would it be? What if you did not have to choose? In that case, you are in the perfect place!

The method of this workshop is musical, which uses the artistic on stage movement to create a unity of thoughts, feelings and actions, while simultaneously helping us to expressively depict our inner world.

Our aim with the ,,Soul must go on” workshop is to put every individual in the foreground, making every need, wish and sentiment visible and tangible. Connecting with others, their perspectives, and experiences develops and enhances empathy, philanthropy, the sense of belonging and acceptance within every one of us. Participants of this workshop will become more sensible to their personal needs and the needs of others, and will come to the understanding that good things come with good feelings.

Do you sometimes find it hard to put your feelings or something you are experiencing into words? Is the scenery you are trying to verbalize then losing its nuances? 

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” From the moment the first photograph was taken in 1826,  until today, its purpose has remained the same – to perpetuate the world. It actually said ‘I was here’. 

This artistic workshop, utilizing the camera and lens as a way of communication, assists people in telling their story. In order to fully comprehend the background of the captured story, with the support of a psychologist, we will learn profound meanings and motives and thus reshape our image of mental health.

While looking at the photography, we compose a story, give it meaning, and connect it to a unique perspective, experiences, fears, hopes, or values of the individual. And that is where the true power of photography reflects.

Your soul thinks in pictures, and we want to see YOU.

Do you hear the words you are saying? Do you always understand what thoughts are behind those words? How are they related to your actions?

“Pay attention to your thoughts, they are the originators of your deeds”, is a thought that was uttered a long time ago. However, what is the role of your words?

Words are seen as a link between the thoughts that come to our minds and the actions we carry out. If we were encouraged to actually pay attention and listen to the words we use to express ourselves, we would have the opportunity to learn a lot about ourselves, our emotions and actions.

Psycholinguistics, a study which we have chosen as the method of this workshop, specifically deals with these issues. It provides us with answers to questions such as Do words always represent our conscious thoughts?, What would happen if we used them to re-examine actual motives, feelings and intentions?, and How can we, by changing our words, impact the thoughts we have, and actions we take? In addition, psycholinguistics penetrates the mystery of certain cultural differences, such as the fact that the mother language which you speak shapes your thinking and behavior.

How many languages ​​do you speak? And do you understand the language of your soul?

If you want to find out, join us at this workshop!

While you are working on something, do you pay attention to the well-being of your soul? Have you ever encountered a working environment that values mental health? How do you recognize its manifests? And do you have the desire to contribute to an organisational culture which cherishes mental health?

Mental health is a topic that extends through all aspects of life nowadays, therefore it can be found in the business sphere as well. The importance of well-being and creating a positive work atmosphere that breaks down stereotypes, discrimination and marginalization of employees is increasingly emphasized. 

In this workshop, you will get acquainted with the concept of an inclusive and open work environment, and you will also work on designing initiatives for the promotion of employees’ mental health and directing the focus of employers on the same goal. Be a part of this change and join us in the workshop!

Are you one of those people who look at difficult situations through pink glasses and therefore fail to see other shades? To what extent does the media influence your perception of the world? Can you imagine an environment without such glasses?

It has been shown that the media can have a negative impact on an individual’s critical thinking, which results in young people trusting the media, rather than trusting the people around them, therefore they tend to embellish the problems they face. And where are you in such a whirlpool?

During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to catch sight of patterns that can be found within media content, and be critical of the ones which tend to romanticize mental difficulties. After analyzing the selected media content, along with a group of participants who also want to raise awareness about mental health, your task will be to participate in the production of a video that will aim to realistically show the state of mind of a person suffering from mental illness.

Join the workshop and discover all the nuances of the world you live in!

How many times have you caught yourself singing a jingle from a commercial? If one simple song has managed to creep into your consciousness, then what is the impact of the entire advertising system when it comes to serious life matters? Are you ready to step out of the role of a jingle listener and become the creator of a new one?

Advertising affects our consciousness, interacting with our existing belief system, while simultaneously creating new beliefs, needs and desires. The advertising system enhances our experiences, makes a certain topic relevant and by emphasizing it, adds importance to it. If you found yourself in the role of an advertiser, when it comes to mental health, what would you have to say?

Through this workshop, you will have the opportunity to be directly involved in the field of advertising and to design a new campaign which has the aim to promote mental health. We invite you to use the chance for your voice to be heard and change the perspective of others with it!


ISWiB Opening Ceremony Illustration

Opening ceremony

This is an official welcome message to our participants, traditionally held in Belgrade City Hall.

ISWiB Country Fair Illustration

Country fair

The event that gives our participants an opportunity to meet each other’s culture, traditions and taste food and drinks from different parts of the world.
ISWiB Art Night Illustration

Art night

This is an event reserved for relaxing and some quality time for good art with talented artists.

Ada lake day

Ada lake day represents the most chill day during our festival. It is reserved for relaxing, taking different sports and enjoying the so-called “Belgrade’s sea”

ISWiB Flag Parade Illustration

Flag parade

Through the center of Belgrade, the flags of our participant’s countries will fly high, sending a message about the importance of international cooperation, multiculturalism and tolerance.
ISWiB Closing Ceremony

Closing ceremony

During the closing ceremony, all of the participants will present the results of their work from each workshop and receive a certificate of participation.