Capture of the Soul - Photography

Do you sometimes find it hard to put your feelings or something you are experiencing into words? Is the scenery you are trying to verbalize then losing its nuances? 

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” From the moment the first photograph was taken in 1826,  until today, its purpose has remained the same – to perpetuate the world. It actually said ‘I was here’. 

This artistic workshop, utilizing the camera and lens as a way of communication, assists people in telling their story. In order to fully comprehend the background of the captured story, with the support of a psychologist, we will learn profound meanings and motives and thus reshape our image of mental health.

While looking at the photography, we compose a story, give it meaning, and connect it to a unique perspective, experiences, fears, hopes, or values of the individual. And that is where the true power of photography reflects.

Your soul thinks in pictures, and we want to see YOU.