Directed by your Soul - Romanticization in the media

Are you one of those people who look at difficult situations through pink glasses and therefore fail to see other shades? To what extent does the media influence your perception of the world? Can you imagine an environment without such glasses?

It has been shown that the media can have a negative impact on an individual’s critical thinking, which results in young people trusting the media, rather than trusting the people around them, therefore they tend to embellish the problems they face. And where are you in such a whirlpool?

During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to catch sight of patterns that can be found within media content, and be critical of the ones which tend to romanticize mental difficulties. After analyzing the selected media content, along with a group of participants who also want to raise awareness about mental health, your task will be to participate in the production of a video that will aim to realistically show the state of mind of a person suffering from mental illness.

Join the workshop and discover all the nuances of the world you live in!