Speaking your Soul/Language of the Soul - Psycholinguistics

Do you hear the words you are saying? Do you always understand what thoughts are behind those words? How are they related to your actions?

“Pay attention to your thoughts, they are the originators of your deeds”, is a thought that was uttered a long time ago. However, what is the role of your words?

Words are seen as a link between the thoughts that come to our minds and the actions we carry out. If we were encouraged to actually pay attention and listen to the words we use to express ourselves, we would have the opportunity to learn a lot about ourselves, our emotions and actions.

Psycholinguistics, a study which we have chosen as the method of this workshop, specifically deals with these issues. It provides us with answers to questions such as Do words always represent our conscious thoughts?, What would happen if we used them to re-examine actual motives, feelings and intentions?, and How can we, by changing our words, impact the thoughts we have, and actions we take? In addition, psycholinguistics penetrates the mystery of certain cultural differences, such as the fact that the mother language which you speak shapes your thinking and behavior.

How many languages ​​do you speak? And do you understand the language of your soul?

If you want to find out, join us at this workshop!