We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them. – Albert Einstein

Case study

Are you aware of the influence you surely possess? If your answer is “no”, the chances are that you haven’t even checked out the power of it until now. Well… this could be your – and our chance!

One plus one equals more than two, when you consider the benefits of synergy. Synergy is the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. 

In our case, this workshop will give you the opportunity to collaborate and join the forces with your fellow workshop warriors, all in order to find a sustainable solution to a sustainability problem put in front of you.

The best thing is that achieving your team’s goal means achieving a common goal at the same time… considering the fact it will bring us closer to a better tomorrow, one solution at a time.

Over the course of 5 days, you will have the chance to work on a challenging case study and find a solution that will make our future more sustainable.

Your warrior spirit is called to be awakened, let’s fight for the right thing!