I believe in equality for everyone. – Mahatma Gandhi


In order to be a better version of ourselves, we first have to respect differences that don’t separate, yet connect us. This workshop however is much more than just talking about inequalities. You’ll get the chance to get to know all of those problems, about which you only hear on TV. So workshop “Equality for a better reality” will give you the chance to raise your voice.

What do we need to do in order to prevent discrimination, racism, poverty? How to develop a global strategy, which approach do we need to have on those problems in order to solve them? 

This workshop will help and motivate you to find a global strategy which should establish equality in all spheres of life. Starting from getting equal food and drinking water sources, across to the right to an education, up to gender equality, you will try and find a solution for all those goals. 

You will also get a professional view from our moderators, and alongside them, the chance to share your opinions and discuss changes that you would take on a global level. Be sure to apply for ISWIB 2022!