Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity. – Steve Jobs 


Technology is not just contributing to our lives, it is the crucial part of it.  

By dictating the way of how we are performing our professional, and also every-day activities, technology has the power to impact the future in the way we let it to. Let’s decide to make a future that will bring a positive change! 

Have you ever waited in line for something and an idea popped to your head, but you never actually had the time or chance to think it through or do anything about it? Well, those ideas are what this workshop is all about! Finding innovative solutions that could help create a more sustainable future.

You can find a lot of beautiful examples all over the world- machines that give you a free bus ticket if you do 10 squats in front of it, machines that produce food for homeless animals as a reward  for every pound of recycled garbage, and many others. 

There are no boundaries that could prevent your mind from creating innovative, modern solutions that will help humanity to make a positive change for future generations. Be creative, be innovative and creat a solution for revolution!