The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing. – Tom Fishburne


Have you ever wondered why commercials are so addictive? How annoying jingles from television commercials get stuck in our heads so often?

Behind each of these songs and commercials, there is a thoroughly calculated concept and strategy that strives for an advertisement to do just that-to stay in the minds of the audience and constantly remind us of a certain product or company.

Marketing and media are immensely powerful tools that have the potential to raise awareness among people and inspire them. Now think, what percentage of all these ads and social media content, are actually utilised to send a message? A message whose only goal isn’t just to increase sales or views, but also to carry a socially responsible idea and a call for action and self-reflection? Well, this year you have the opportunity to create a campaign that will aim to do exactly that and wake people up! 

At this workshop, you and your team will have the aim to do a critical evaluation of marketing and social media campaigns in the past, and think about how sustainability and global problems are portrayed in the media? If there is even a slight effort to familiarize society with the problems that surround us, and to motivate them to make the world a better place. Join us at ISWiB 2022 and speak up for a better tomorrow!