Topic for ISWiB 2023 is The future of communication and the festival is going to be organized under the slogan #ConnectionInEveryDirection from 16th to 24th of July.

The future of communication promises to be exciting and transformative, with a focus on creating more meaningful connections between people, as well as improving efficiency and productivity. The desired aim is for communication to become more interactive, intuitive and integrated across various platforms.

During the festival, workshops will be dedicated to development of digital technologies and their impact on communication, improvement of media literacy, self-expression through various art forms, mass communication as well as introspection, verbal and non-verbal communication in different environments. 

The slogan should emphasize the importance of cooperation and connection of society through all means of communication. That is why we should strive for #ConnectionInEveryDirection and bring our future interactions to a higher level.


Body language

More than words

Digital future

Navigating through waves of tomorrow


Context behind the content

Professional communication

Sell me this pen

Game development

Player 2 connected

Performing arts

The spotlight awaits


(W)inner words

Comic crafting

What is in your text bubble?


From headlines to reality


Eliminate the distance


Opening ceremony

This is an official welcome message to our participants, traditionally held in Belgrade City Hall.

Country fair

The event that gives our participants an opportunity to meet each other’s culture, traditions and taste food and drinks from different parts of the world.

Social activities

Besides the education and thematic events, ISWiB is also about socializing, making friends and getting to know Serbian nightlife.

Serbian day

Do you know what ‘kafana’, ‘frula’, ‘sarma’ and ‘promaja’ are?

Art night

This is an event reserved for relaxing and some quality time for good art with talented artists.

Chill day

During Chill Day, participants will have a break from the urban lifestyle and reconnect with nature.

Flag parade

Through the center of Belgrade, the flags of our participant’s countries will fly high, sending a message about the importance of international cooperation, multiculturalism and tolerance.

Closing ceremony

During the closing ceremony, all of the participants will present the results of their work from each workshop and receive a certificate of participation.