Body language - More than words

 The eyes are the windows to the soul and nonverbal communication is the wallpaper. – Susan Sarandon

Have you ever wondered how to make more out of less? Are you intrigued by the mysterious, the unknown, the unsaid? Do you easily find meaning in seemingly meaningless, simple things, or want to become better at it? If you answered positively at least once, that makes you a perfect fit for our nonverbal communication workshop!

Proper knowledge about body language and other nonverbal communication forms can take you far, further than any pocket vocabulary, especially if you decide to put some additional practice into it. In no time you will be ready to communicate with anyone and whenever, never second-guessing the impression you left or other persons’ intentions! We will look upon different situations, their contexts and nature of relationship between people involved, giving special attention to cultural implications and other factors that can alter concepts of gesture, personal space, haptics, eye gaze, facial expression and posture.

Let’s not obsess just over the infamous first impression – a whole relationship with another person can be deeply affected by everything we choose not to say, but show in a certain way. This workshop wants to make sure you never become a victim of your lack of awareness, but a leader when it comes to self-expression, bridging the gap between different people and connecting with them in the most quality way.

Jovana Jović is the Project and People lead of IT and the founder of the holistic educational center “WellMe” for development and education.

Within her IT career, she has been leading international projects and teams for more than 15 years and helping companies and clients to maximize the potential of their business through software development, data analytics and reporting.

In 2014, she embarked on the path of personal development in the field of energy practices and soon became a Reiki Teacher-Master. After that, she completed the education for NLP Practitioner, NLP Master and NLP Trainer program, and at the same time she became a certified Solution Focused Coach and High Team Performance Coach within the Erickson Academy.

The last step in education (for now) is the path of a yoga instructor, because she wants to devote herself, as a Body, Mind & Soul Coach, through an integrative, holistic approach to people on all levels of being – through body, mind and spirit. In her individual and group practice, using various methods and tools, she helps people in the field of personal development, improving communication, setting personal and professional goals, etc.

In her free time, she likes to write, read, run, swim, walk in nature and ride a motorcycle.