Comic crafting - What is in your text bubble?

Comics are a powerful and versatile art form that can convey complex ideas and emotions in a unique way. – Gene Luen Yang

This workshop will bring together participants who enjoy visual communication – specifically the art of comics. Comics is an art that combines image and text, and this workshop will deal with their relationship. 

By getting to know people in their group, the participants, listening to other people’s stories, will try to visualize in their own way what the other person is talking about. A group of participants will come to a joint comic, in which everyone will “fill in the other’s bubble”. This joint comic can also be physical in the form of a wall or a billboard. The main point is that everyone has a reason why they wrote something about someone.

This workshop is ideal for you if you enjoy expressing yourself through drawing and are interested in exploring the art of comics, regardless of prior experience.

Don’t hesitate to apply, we can’t wait to see your artwork!

Danica Jevđović was born in 1992 in Užice. She received her doctorate in applied arts and design at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. She is a member of UPIDIV since 2022 and president of the association’s exhibition activity council since 2023, and also a member of the Association for the promotion and improvement of contemporary comics creation in Serbia Stripo-tetke.

Danica is a winner of the organizer’s special award for the author’s comic Tunel at the Veles 2016 comics festival in North Macedonia. She was awarded from the Fund for Encouraging Artistic and Research Creativity of Students of the Study Program Master of Academic Studies in Graphic Communications, “Nomen est omen” – Dobanovačka nagrada 1000 Zato. She is also a winner of the Nadežda Petrović Charter (2019) from the Academician from Užice Fund for artistic creation and encouragement of artistic and research creativity.

She has also been a teacher of Art and Design at the international school Clever Junior School in Novi Sad since 2019.

Danica participated in several independent and group exhibitions and projects in Serbia and abroad, among which collaborations with the association Pobunjene Čitateljke, the Center for Women’s Studies and the Center for Applied History stand out.