Film - Context behind the content

It’s not what a movie is about, it’s how it is about it. – Roger Ebert

The topic of this workshop will be education and familiarization of participants with creative ways of communicating their ideas through the medium of film. Through the theoretical and practical part, the participants will be able to try their hand at shooting a short film together. The challenge will be – clearly defining the topic and expressing your idea so that it is clear to the audience.

With the help of the moderator, you will get to know the different elements of the film and better understand the contribution of all these elements in building a good story and conveying ideas and emotions to the viewer.

The moderator will take you through the brief basics of film art, with a focus on the ways in which one idea can be conveyed. You will go through all the factors and elements of the film such as – frames, plans, camera movements, perspective, ramp rule, script, types of stories, goal, theme and idea… and all this with the aim of clearly implementing the idea into action in the form of a film. You will use video, audio and text to present your idea in the best way.

Join us at ISWiB 2023 and explore the art of film with us!

My name is Vukašin. I was born in Niš, Serbia, and now I live in Belgrade while I’m studying audio and video technology. I was named the best student in my class, with a GPA of 9.68. My love for cinema started 2 years ago when I had the idea to make my first short film, but now I have a team that I work with on every project. Despite my own 4 short films, I worked as an assistant director in 2, worked on over 50 music videos and over 10 corporate films. Multimedia has been my main form of creative work since I was 14. I plan on going to transmedia when the time is right. I live with art and I believe that art is philosophy in its purest form.