Game development - Player 2 connected

We do not stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. – Benjamin Franklin

Take a peek behind the curtain and see what makes your favorite games so fun! Discover the creative process behind the development of some of the most influential titles, and explore how to create your own meaningful stories through games! See how developers communicate with their players through their games, what are the tools, techniques and strategies needed for such a feat and how to make games an intuitive and immersive experience.

On the other hand, learn how professional game developers use their games as a medium of self-expression and create stories that inspire audiences. Participants will learn about game design, user experience and interface, narrative design and many other aspects of game development.

Be creative, be innovative and connect with other players all over the world!

I am Strahinja Đorđević, student of Electrical, Software and Data engineering at University Singidunum in Belgrade. Since 2019 until 2022 I have been a member of the organizational team of World Youth Wave and the ISWiB crew. Currently I am working as a medical engineer in the company AB Trade where I daily contribute to the technical improvements of Serbian hospitals. My interests go far and wide, therefore my stories start from the Ancient Roman times and reach the modern gaming world and industry. I am an extremely curious person who is always learning something new or creating something with his own two hands.

Miroslav Maksimović is a game developer and a student at the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade. He embarked on his programming journey nearly 10 years ago and has since gained experience as a programming teacher at a private school, an android developer at a prominent Swedish company, and currently as a game developer in indie game dev team. He is currently working on an exciting new combat racing game in Unreal Engine 5. Additionally, Miroslav is one of the organizers of the Game Deconstruction Club, where participants learn about game design through the analysis of existing games and their features. Apart from his passion for game development, he is also a vocalist and frontman in a grindcore band. In his free time, he enjoys attending underground punk and metal gigs, playing video and board games, Dungeons & Dragons, as well as indulging in reading and watching fantasy genres.