Media - From headlines to reality

The advancement of science and the diffusion of information is the best aliment to true liberty. – James Madison

As the most widespread form of communication, mass media are all around us. It is inevitable to use them every day, but do you actually know how to use them properly? Have you heard of terms like clickbait or fake news, and how to recognize them?

This workshop will guide you through all types of mass media and help you distinguish real from fake news or clickbait, but there is even more to discover on this particular topic.

Social media represents the bond between interpersonal communication and mass media and is an important part of today’s society. Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, etc. have brought us many useful tools and opportunities to freely express ourselves and our thoughts, but where is the borderline between hate speech and freedom of speech? 

Throughout this workshop, you will broaden your horizons about media literacy and learn why it is important and how not to get lost in a deep sea of information that surrounds us. Therefore, do not miss this fantastic opportunity for a journey from the headlines to reality and apply for ISWiB 2023!

Stefan was the winner of the Extraordinary Award of the Senate of the University of Novi Sad for scientific work, on two occasions, and the Award for the best young researcher (social sciences) of the Faculty of Philosophy. The winner of the award “Being and Language” of Radomir Konstantinovic Foundation and the Annual Award of Excellence in Journalism, issued by Independent Journalists’ Association of Vojvodina. The winner of Sakura, Konrad Adenauer and Distinguished Humphrey scholarships, as well as NIN literary scholarship. He published his first novel “Ništa se nije desilo“ („Nothing Happened”) in 2017. Stefan is an editor of KOD04 magazine and an Erasmus+ coordinator at the Department of Media Studies.

Milica Mihajlovic was born on September 27, 2003 in Požarevac, Serbia. Since childhood, she has had a passion for the written word, language, public speaking and culture. In 2019, Milica joins Youth Vibes, which she considers a complete precedent in personal, educational and career sense. In 2023, Milica becomes the president of this youth organization, which also runs a youth media portal. Inspired by the experiences and knowledge acquired through informal education, through volunteering, internships and training, but also strengthened to be the voice and ears of the people, in 2022 she entered the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Belgrade – Department of Journalism and Communication. Also interested in digital marketing, she received a scholarship at the Internet Academy to study Social Media, Online PR & Community Manager. She has been a member and peer educator of the association Creative Pedagogy from Požarevac and World of Words from Velika Plana since the first grade of high school. She transfers her knowledge in the field of media literacy by organizing workshops as an IREX facilitator. In her free time, she likes long walks with dear people and quality conversations with a cup of coffee.