Performing arts - The spotlight awaits

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent. – Victor Hugo

How did we go from trying to decipher cave paintings to trying to decipher an emoji?

With all this new technology coming our way, trying to make ways of communication easier and more accessible than those that preceded them, did we get blinded with information and enabled our ability to connect with each other?

In this workshop you will explore verbal and non-verbal communication and look at how it has transformed over time and whether it has changed the way we look at the relationship between people.

So, if you have a passion for music, acting or dancing, this workshop is a fantastic opportunity to express yourself through telling a timeless story of expression and interaction.

As the main characters of this workshop – the Theater that has been used as a means of communication since ancient times, an art form that tells a story or presents a message to an audience, and Music, a way of expressing emotions and thoughts that cannot be conveyed in words. The power of this art performance lies in its ability to connect with an audience on a personal level.

You will work on a performance through music, dance and theater that will take us through the history and development of communication and its biggest and most subtle milestones on one of the most important aspects of society.

So, we couldn’t help but wonder if Romeo and Juliet are too old fashioned for today or if we’re just taking a shortcut to someone’s heart.

My name is Katarina Jovanović. I was born in 1996 as the first child of four. I graduated acting at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade. In addition to acting, I also fell in love with directing, so now I am engaged in both professions. I have directed more than 5 plays, both in professional and amateur theater. My work led me to the position of artistic director in the children’s theater “Puž”. I have always been most interested in children’s plays and musicals, and since I was little I dreamed of playing in a musical. My dream has come true and I currently have the opportunity to work as an actress and assistant director in the most famous musical theater – Theater on Terazije.

Nikola Radenković comes from a small town near Požarevac, and lives and works in Belgrade. He entered the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Belgrade, majoring in information technology in mechanical engineering. In addition to his faculty, Nikola is involved in acting and dancing. By chance, he went to the audition of the Teatar Ulica acting school, where he danced for the first time on the boards that mean life in the play “More Real than Life” directed by Katarina Jovanović. The most significant of his works are the projects of the musical “Flashdance” and the musical “Black Butterfly” as a ballet dancer at the Theater on Terazije. There is also the unforgettable experience of working on the film “Cycle” as the head of the scenography department. He also enjoys playing folklore and contemporary dance, hiking and singing. Nikola would like to thank his mom and his friends for the love and support they gave him in achieving his goals. He also thanks his colleagues, especially his mentor, Katarina Jovanović, who contributed to making his childhood dreams come true. Last year, he was the moderator at your musical workshop for the first time, where he gained incredible experience and many acquaintances, and said that he can’t wait for this year’s ISWIB to be together as we enjoy and create something new and different. Now he works as an assistant director on the project “Buried Secrets”.

He would describe himself as sociable, confident, intense, steadfast and spontaneous. Nikola has a lot of energy that makes him always busy, no matter what is happening around him. He is ambitious, creative and full of optimism, eager to prove himself. It is not enough for him to just do the job, he will complete it to the absolute best of his ability. Once he commits to a job, he will do anything for it.