Professional communication - Sell me this pen

Effective communication is 20% what you know and 80% how you feel about what you know. – Jim Rohn

What does selling a pen even mean? The mentioned pen can be anything – a literal pen, any other object, an idea, or even yourself. This workshop will equip you with necessary knowledge and lead you through practical exercises in order to ensure you communicate successfully in any professional environment after completing it. 

From an entry interview for your first job to handing in your notice about leaving to your boss, certain communication skills will always have to be an ace upon your sleeve. Idea pitching, negotiating, selling, conflict solving and team work all require appropriate choice of attitude, expression and words – not to mention that nuances are usually of crucial importance.

Let’s not forget about the significance of written communication – sometimes a well-written resume, cover letter and e-mail can impact your career in unimaginable ways. At the end of the day it’s up to you to decide whether you’re going to master your communication skills, both written and spoken, or deal with the risk of missing a couple of great opportunities.

If you have aversion toward this risk, but not toward learning and practicing with other curious and eager participants, join this workshop and find out how to incorporate the most important communication practices and cues into your own and authentic communication style!

Tatjana daily takes care that more than 1200 colleagues have a smooth employee experience in Foundever with a great team of just 7. She deals with some of the world’s largest brands supported by Foundever. 

Her responsibilities include mass recruitment, problem solving when it comes to labor and accompanying laws, internal communication and coaching, as well as client presentations. 

She had worked with the Serbian government and their expert institutions. Later, she worked in the Petroleum industry for almost a decade, then came to Foundever, which rounds up her professional experience to seventeen years since she graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.

You can catch her taking walks by the Danube with her dog or at the yoga studio, which she attends regularly. Her friends call her Tanja. Enemies she has none, except when in front of a Playstation or at an Escape room.

Sanja is a 37-year old lover of everything that has anything to do with adopting new skills, learning and growth. She has been part of Learning & Development department in Foundever for over 5 years now, in teaching however for over 15. 

Her main area of expertise is supporting people acquiring and further developing new skills, attitudes and knowledge. She graduated from Faculty of Philology (German language and literature) where her love for andragogy stems from. 

She loves learning about new cultures and places, which is why she spent her youth volunteering in NGO organizations in different countries, one of which was ISWiB in Serbia in 2007. 

She participated in big variety of events, from musical event such as punk-rock festival near Frankfurt, or restauration of medieval churhes in France. She is most proud of a year-long volunteering program that took place in Berlin where she took care of the first generation of immigrant children. She strongly belives in cross-age cross-country and multi-cultrural exchanges. 

In spare time, any book that follows a detective around in an attempt to find a perpetrator of a criminal act is probably in her hands. She recently took up painting and drawing lessons, but wouldn’t mind snuggling under a blanket a watching a good TV show.