IT (Information Technologies) team is responsible for providing technical support to the rest of the organizational team, as well as for preparing and maintaining all technical resources during our projects.

Mihailo Radojević , IT team coordinator

Mihailo is 22 years old and studies at the Department of Signals and Systems at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. His first volunteer experience was within the organization, at the International
student week in Belgrade, where he fell in love with volunteering and everything it brings. He likes to use his time to the maximum, with quality and productivity, so he is physically active every day. If it happens that he is not in training, he spends his free time reading modern psychology, but also consuming different types of educational content because he believes that daily progress at all levels is crucial. He is a fan of trying new foods, traveling and good jokes.

Tamara Mladenović, IT team member

Tamara is 21 years old and is a third year student of software engineering at Metropolitan University. She is a huge perfectionist, who can’t deal with the fact that she didn’t do something the way she wanted to. She is also very ambitious, because she expects, that even if she starts working at the very last minute (which is quite often), she can still finish everything exactly the way she has envisioned it. Her lifelong dream is to learn how to sing and go and win Eurovision, showing, yet again, how ambitious she is. Her first experience in volunteering was on the ISWIB festival and it resulted in her joining the IT team. She devoted one part of her life to swimming and dancing, which she still gladly does recreationally. She loves her dog Miki, more than anything else in the world, and that can be seen by how much she has spoiled him. She is obsessed with perfumes, travelling, Marvel movies, sitcoms and will never decline an invitation to go for coffee.

Stevan Miković, IT team member

Stevan is 24 years old, currently employed as a programmer at Alta Bank. He graduated at Comtrade college. Stevan likes to spend his free time outside with his dog Nika. From a young age, he was involved in various sports, but he loved swimming the most. He loves perfumes and is constantly looking for new ones. He likes elegant clothes, but nothing less sporty.

Dušan Dotlić, IT team member

During his 24 years on this Earth, Dušan: discovered 3 asteroids, during his studies at the Faculty of Mathematics; created a functional bob car out of wooden paletts; tried himself in almost any group sport and discovered he was bad at all of them. He tried working with a team again when he joined WYW in September 2019. That was the best decision of his young life. In 2022. he lead the IT team of WYW Org and, together with his talented colleagues, created the first functional ISWiB mobile app. During his work on ISWiB and other projects, Dušan prepared for working in a modern work enviroment and formed his true self. This whole experience would mean the world to him professionally and socially.